Every Day I Thank God For Creating The Best Version Of Me

Life has never been easy for me. It is indeed a roller coaster ride. I wish I’d experienced more ups, but today, when I looked back, I’ve spent most of the past few years experiencing downs. My patience and faith in God are being tested each day. There was a time that I thought I was blind because all I could see was darkness. My positivity was shaken. Slowly, my hope was fading. I felt like drowning. It was a never-ending problem—an extreme ride indeed.

But despite all of this? I love life. When I look back, these struggles will always be a constant reminder that I am strong—stronger than those superheroes I used to adore. It is simple proof that I am loved, that God’s love for me is overflowing, everlasting, unfailing, and never-ending. Proof that God will always send angels and will always provide. Because despite the bad, here I am, standing still and ready to face everything!

Maybe this life has caused me pain and failure, but this pain and failure will always serve as life lessons for me to strive for more and do my best in the years to come until those dreams are finally mine. Maybe there were some situations that gave me every reason to give up and let go of hope, but with God’s grace, I was able to overcome everything. I’ve learned the beauty of waiting and trusting in His plans. I’ve learned He will truly never let me down.

This is the best version of me saying: Thank you, Lord! Thank you for all the laughter and tears. Thank you for all my ups and downs. Thank you for all the good and bad memories. Thank you, because I’ve met new people that slowly became a big part of me. They became my extra source of happiness and strength. I will always consider this life a beautiful gift. I am now ready to rock the world with the best version of myself.

About the author

Naiah Laxa

I am a social media analyst and writing is my passion