I’ll Never Be That Girl

Matthew Kane
Matthew Kane

I’ll never be that girl, the one who will catch your attention, the head turner. That girl, who you praised for being fair skin and all pretty. That girl, who you watched so closely while she tumbled and turned on the mats. That girl, who gave you butterflies in your stomach and sparks in your eyes. That girl, is everyone else who is not me.

I’ll never be that girl, the one who was there for you when I told you that I needed to go. That girl, who can take you out to lunch without any hesitation. That girl, who you don’t need to feel awkward with. That girl, who you’re perfectly comfortable talking to. That girl, who can be with you without any hindrance. That girl, is not me.

I’ll never be that girl, the one who you would choose without thinking twice. That girl, who you can say that you love endlessly. That girl, who would love you unconditionally. That girl, who is willing to give you everything. That girl, will stay even when you push her away. That girl, who will promise to be with you until the end. That girl, is standing right in front of you but you choose to look somewhere else.

I’ll never be that girl because even if I’ll do everything that it takes to be that girl. I’ll never be her, because you’ll never love me for being that girl. You’ll never love me.

In the end, I will never choose to be that girl because I wasn’t made to be her. And maybe you weren’t made for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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