Read This When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

Read This When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

First of all, you are good enough. Life can be really tough at times and not only is it tremendously hard dealing with real-life problems but battling with your own mind is a challenge of its own too.

I really do believe it when people say you should feed your mind with positive thoughts because it works but it takes time. Think about those times where you looked at yourself in the mirror and you felt like demons inside your head were spitting words at you like ‘I don’t feel good enough, I’m stupid or I’m not special’

Those aren’t demons talking. It’s just thoughts inside your head that your subconscious has been keeping note of. Every time you surround yourself with negativity your brain thinks that is how you are. Because the truth is, you really are what you think.

As soon as you start nourishing your brain with positive thoughts, you will find that your mind is helping you not tormenting you. When you are faced with a problematic situation or you are feeling low in yourself, your mind will start to guide you and it will start loving you back.

Think about the time you had braces or your leg was in a cast, you had no choice but to carry on, to survive. The times were tough, and you reached a low point in your life where you just wanted to be free again but things take time, you will heal, and you will rise again.

You survived because you had to, remember this applies to your mind too.

You should try and grab the bad days by the palms of your hands and try to understand why you feel this way. Identify your sadness, and if it’s just a feeling, then you must remember that feeling will pass. If it’s a real life problem you must figure out how to solve it, not dwell on it because dwelling only creates excuses, it does not solve the issue.

Even on your lowest days, you must remind yourself you are good enough. Say it to yourself every single day, and before you know it, your mind will be saying it back to you when you need it the most. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I just write from experience.

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