A Reminder That You Always Have A Choice

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I always thought growing up that everything had to be in a set way. You go to school, college, university if you wanted to or you get a job. You get a good job, progress, settle down, and that’s your life.

For some, It’s as simple as that. For most of us, It’s really not that easy. We all want different things, and not everything plans out for us like we wanted to. Some of us even decide halfway through that we want a career change or we weren’t with the person we thought we wanted to be. And that’s okay.

You should never feel like you’re failing or falling behind because your friends are living their dreams or are on their way of succeeding. There’s no age for this kind of stuff, It’s just about our timings. Everyone is different.

Just because you’re 24 and you decide you suddenly want to go to university and you feel like that’s too late or you’ll feel like your lagging behind. No! Go and do it. No matter the age, 24, 30, 50 and above, learning something is always useful, it helps us grow.

If you’ve been stuck in a dead end marriage for years but you feel too comfortable, or you just put up with the behavior of your other half, and you just wish that a miracle would come and rescue you from the tears and unhappiness. It’s not too late to change.

We get far too caught up in what’s right and wrong but there isn’t a right or wrong, everything is a choice, and you are free to make as many as you like and to dive down as many different roads and paths you may want. It’s your life, not anybody else’s.

It could just be as little as stop hanging out with a toxic friend because they make you unhappy. Get rid of them! You don’t need to surround yourself with people you don’t like because you’re afraid of feeling alone or you don’t know how to escape. Sometimes we grow out of friendships, or sometimes we see a change in people, and it’s totally okay to break it off.

You have choices, lots of them and that’s so exciting! Don’t let what you’re comfortable with rule your world. And it’s most certainly not too late to try something new, whether your young or older.

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