Overcoming Your Upper Limits: Insights From Brianna Wiest’s New Podcast

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This month marks a great deal of exiting news around beloved author Brianna Wiest. First, her latest book The Pivot Year was released April 25, 2023 and Wiest is currently on tour right now promoting the book through packed book signings and speaking events. Second, the first episode of her new podcast, called simply the Brianna Wiest podcast, is live now on all platforms

In the first latest episode, “7 Ways You’re Upper-Limiting Your Own Life” Wiest dives deep into the concept of upper limits and how they might be holding you back from achieving the success and happiness you desire.

Wiest discusses how we often unconsciously sabotage ourselves when we start to experience joy and positivity in our lives — a major theme of her book The Mountain Is You. This self-sabotage limits our forward momentum and connection to our desires. To overcome these joy extinguishers, we need to become aware of our upper limits and work to expand our capacity for positivity and happiness.

Wiest emphasizes that recognizing and overcoming our own upper limits is essential for achieving greater success, happiness, and fulfillment in our lives. She references the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks as a valuable resource for understanding and overcoming the upper limit problem.

In addition to discussing the upper limit problem, Wiest also explores the importance of seeing things from a new perspective, being aware of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, and expanding our capacity for joy and positivity. Find the podcast on your favorite platform or YouTube.

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