The Kind Of Person You’re Always Attracted To, Based On Your Love Language

The Kind Of Person You're Always Attracted To, Based On Your Love Language
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Words Of Affirmation

You’re always attracted to a person who is incredibly genuine and eloquent. You like someone who means exactly what they say, and that they say it well. You appreciate a person who isn’t afraid to speak their mind about what it is they are feeling, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Hearing a person say how much they appreciate someone else, or admitting to feeling completely and utterly terrified and enchanted by how into you they are leaves you feeling completely weak in the knees and totally smitten.

You think this is incredibly brave and extremely attractive to see someone be so vulnerable in all it is they choose to share.

Quality Time

You’re always attracted to people who make concrete, thought out plans. You’re totally uninterested in a person who lazily suggests watching the latest Stranger Things episode on Netflix for the fifth Saturday night in a row. No thanks. And not only do you want effort, you need it. You think this is an absolutely nonnegotiable trait for a partner and won’t settle for anyone who doesn’t give you their undivided attention when they’re with you.

The kind of person you’re attracted to is the one who is always rallying the troops for a Friday night out. You’re completely taken away when you meet someone who finds the perfect new restaurant for you both to try together, followed by the latest movie that they know you’ve been dying to see in theaters. You know that they care because they don’t just half-ass plans and time together. They want to make it count and you find this undeniably attractive.

Receiving Gifts

You’re always attracted to a person who is incredibly generous and thoughtful. The kind of person you always like is someone who is constantly thinking of what someone else needs. This could be as simple as surprising their friends with Starbucks on a Sunday morning or picking up a book they know someone special in their life would love. To you, this shows that they know how to appreciate the people they love and you know they would treat you just as well.

You find their thoughtfulness incredibly attractive and exactly what you are looking for in a partner. You could totally see them dropping by on a Wednesday night with your favorite bottle of wine just because. You could see them bringing you your favorite breakfast in bed on your birthday, or sending you flowers at your job after you receive a huge promotion. When you meet someone who takes the time and effort to go out of their way to provide tangible evidence of their affection, you’re all for it.

Acts Of Service

You’re always attracted to the person who goes out of their way for the people they hold close. They happily drop off their sister at the airport, they’re always helping their best friends move, and they’re always ready to say, “What can I do to help?” This goes for the people they don’t know, too. They never think twice when it comes to holding the door for a stranger, or letting someone else go ahead of them in line at a coffee shop when they can’t decide what they want to order. You think their consideration for others is extremely cute and you can’t get enough.

You truly believe that actions will always speak louder than words, and you totally dig someone who makes this philosophy their way of living. You know that they would be a shoulder to cry on when you need it, would always be willing to be a plus one to any wedding, and will happily do anything it is that you need help with. And you know you would do the same for them, too.

Physical Touch

You’re always attracted to the person who isn’t afraid to show how into you they are. PDA doesn’t make them run, they lean into it (literally). Whether it’s holding your hand as you walk down the street, giving you a hug as soon as you walk in the room in front of all their friends, or lovingly rubbing your back when you’re having a bad day, the kind of person you find most attractive is the one who gives you clear cut signs that they’re all yours.

To you, the quickest way to feel connected to someone else doesn’t need to be through heartfelt talks at 2 a.m., or talking about your past to explain who you are today. For you, simply sitting close on a couch and cuddling is all you need to feel understood, loved, and intimate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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