36 Things That Make You Uniquely Beautiful (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)


1. The ability to laugh at yourself

2. The strength in forgiving those who have hurt you (even if they’re not sorry)

3. The strength in forgiving yourself, too

4. The kindness you give to others, even when you’re having a bad day and aren’t feeling so nice on the inside

5. Treating someone who can do nothing for you with respect

6.The way you can get so worked up over something because of your passion for it

7. Sincerely wishing the best for someone who has hurt you

8. The power to step back and observe

9. Constantly trying to learn as much as you can about the world outside your own

10. Being so deeply immersed in something that you lose track of time

11. Crying when you’re moved deeply by something

12. Patience for shitty drivers

13. The way you can stand up again after being knocked down (even if it took you a few tries)

14. Being loyal to a friend, even when it’s hard

15. Always looking for the best in others, despite them giving you reason to do otherwise

16. Excitement you show when learning something new

17. Getting out of bed on Monday morning

18. Sincerity

19. Being aware of your flaws, but without letting them define you

20. When you’re not good at something, but still keep trying to get better anyway

21. Listening closely

22. Snorting when you laugh

23. Being generous with your heart

24. Being brave with your words

25. Saying good morning (and actually meaning it)

26. Appreciation for your parents

27. Being fiercely honest with yourself

28. Sticking up for the little guy

29. Consideration

30. Compassion for all living things

31. Truly caring about what someone else has to say

32. Giving someone a second chance

33. The instinct to smile at strangers

34. Being happy

35. Being sad

36. Being wonderfully, exquisitely, absolutely human Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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