This Is How You Deserve To Be Loved

This Is How You Deserve To Be Loved

To the ones whose hearts are full of love but don’t have someone to share them to. To the ones who have ideas of how they want to be loved but don’t often achieve them. To the ones who look for a genuine kind of love but often fail, and to the ones who find it but at the wrong time. To the ones who find love in people who aren’t willing to hold on for a very long time. And to the ones who want to believe in love again but find it hard to give a part of their broken hearts once more.

This is for them. This is for us. This is for you.

You deserve to be loved whether there’s tranquility or chaos in your heart.

You deserve to be loved by someone who understands that you will not always be the person they first fell in love with, and that there will be moments in your life where it gets dark and they are supposed to either be your light or someone who holds you tight amidst the darkness. You deserve to be loved by someone who knows that you are not perfect but appreciates the imperfect you anyway. You deserve to be loved unconditionally. Not madly, not even completely, but unconditionally. You need to be loved not because of the way you look or laugh or sing, not because of the things you enjoy doing or food you like eating, and not because of your similarities or adorable differences. Because what if these things change? Should the love you receive change too? You deserve to be loved just because; reasons change just as love’s intensity does, but the foundation of that same love that is given shall remain the same. You don’t even need to be loved madly, for a love that is mad is dangerous. You don’t even need to be loved completely, for you shall love someone who can be altruistic but is capable of loving themselves too. You only need to be loved unconditionally, no ifs, no buts, no “only when.”

You deserve to be loved not in the same way you give your love. The moment you think that you are supposed to be loved just as much as you do, you already fail. Because what you don’t see is how you give your love to them; you become so focused whether the love and attention they give is enough that you tend to lose focus on how to love them in the first place. You demand. You look for what’s missing. You crave more. But the truth is, sometimes, the blame falls on you too. You deserve to be loved in a very special way, so special that it cannot be compared to anyone. You need to understand that everyone loves differently, that just because your partner is not as expressive as you want them to be doesn’t make them love you any less. You need to understand that they may have other ways of expressing their love and you just need to trust them on that. You need to understand that a healthy relationship is never two people giving equal love and respect but two people whose combined love and respect for each other make a whole.

You deserve to be loved with no end in sight. Falling out of love and leaving are not options.

When you love someone, fighting against all odds, no matter how cliché that sounds, is a must. You deserve to be loved by someone who always finds a way to make it work, no matter how hard things get. Someone whose aim is to settle down with you and is sure about it. Someone who wants something permanent, not someone whose emotions waver from the slightest of problems and whose feelings fade from the toughest temptation. Someone who sees their future with you but who also oversees their present for the both of you. Someone who sees forever in your eyes and is excited about it. You deserve to be loved by someone who does not run but walks hand-in-hand with you. You deserve to be loved by someone who fights to keep you in their life as much as you fight to keep them in yours.

“Never settle for less” is an understatement. Settle for the best for you. You don’t deserve a half-assed love. You don’t deserve uncertainty. You don’t deserve to ask for someone’s time. You don’t deserve to be cheated on. You don’t deserve excuses. You don’t deserve lies. And you don’t deserve to beg for someone to stay. So only settle when you find that someone whose universe peacefully and beautifully coexists with yours. Settle for someone who knows your heart best, someone who makes you blush, smile, and cry from happiness. Settle for someone who is fully committed to you and your relationship, someone loyal to the promises that you make. Settle for someone who does not know how to lie. Settle for someone who finds a reason for you to be together, even if it’s just for a little while.

Because no matter how less you think of yourself, you are more than a star in the night sky. You are the moon and the constellations combined, you are the sun, and you are meant to be someone’s universe. You deserve to be loved by someone who is enamored by your entire being but whose eyes are also wide open to see and accept your shortcomings. You deserve to be loved by someone who chooses you over and over again, every day, for the rest of their life, despite whatever problem comes to you. You deserve to be loved by someone who lets you both grow and not by someone who, once you spread your wings and fly, just simply let go.

So stop fighting for people who are not ready for your love and just wait for God’s perfect timing. Because you are meant to be with someone, and that someone has already been chosen for you. They will return all the love you have given to the wrong people, and your heart will still be left with a lot more to give. They will make you realize why things never worked with everyone else. At night, they will put you in their warm embrace, and in the morning, when you wake up, they will look into your eyes and in them you will see the kind of love you have always deserved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

It’s what we ache for that matters.

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