To My Future Partner, I Can’t Wait To Fall In Love With You

Scott Webb
Scott Webb

See, I just can’t wait to spend tomorrow with you. Not just tomorrow tomorrow, but all tomorrows to come. I can’t wait to be in that point of my life where I can say that “Yes, this is the grand plan.” That point where I could let out a huge sigh and know that all the pain, sorrow and heartbreak that I have experienced in the past were all worth it. That point where I could be free from all the rocks thrown at me, the condescending stares, and all the people that try to bring me down. That point where I could just smile because finally, I have my home.

I can’t wait to wake up next to you in bed, with the sun shining on your face, with your eyes slightly opening, and with your silly grin that made me fall in love
. We will eat breakfast together; I will be cooking. (You would not admit it but it’s actually your turn to cook so I would slightly burn one of your bacons or your egg because I know you wouldn’t complain.) We will go to the store together and have fun. We will play with the items and the groceries, and a saleslady nearby will scold us. We will tell her that we’re sorry but then we will laugh.

We will be the best of friends; we will do silly things. We will have days when all we’ll do is watch movies, tucked in our king-sized bed, cuddled together as if one of us is leaving to live in another country the following day. Once in a while, we will have dinner by candlelight at home, or dinner in a fancy restaurant. We will make love as we get home, talk about anything under the sun afterwards, until we deeply fall asleep in each other’s arms.

I can’t wait to argue with you, too
. Because with our little arguments we know that we share differences, and through these differences we’ll have more chances to celebrate them, to compromise about them, or simply just make them work. We’ll be a normal, complicated couple, but we’ll also be extraordinary in our own little ways.

We will fight and there will be days that we would want a little space from each other but we will do our best not go to bed with an unresolved conflict. We will have problems but we will always, always face them together. I will understand you as you understand me, trust you as you trust me, and I will always try my best to be patient with you as you will with me. Our relationship, I know, will never be perfect but with these things—understanding, patience, and love—we’ll get through anything.

I can’t wait to marry you
. I’m in no rush, but I’ve always believed that the goal in a relationship is to end up together, and that is what I want for us. When the time is right, I want us to get married in a place that would best describe us: a forest, a garden, in the woods, right by a beautiful cliff, in a cathedral or a church.

There would be white daffodils and red roses, our favorite song or Johann Pachelbel’s Canon as the music in the background. We will go home to the house we bought, with a Golden Retriever we’ve yet named, waiting for us in our doorstep. We will have kids whom we’ll shower with all our love, who’ll be our lives, and whom we’d offer our lives to. You will be my partner with everything, and you and our kids will be the most beautiful reasons why I continue to breathe. You, my love, will be my life.

I can’t wait for us to be that old couple young people envy
. I want us to be that couple sitting on the front porch, head resting on top of each other, with passersby watching us and falling in love too. I want us to continue doing things for each other even when we’re old and gray.

I want us to reminisce the memories we’ve had—good and bad—and feel the way they made us feel one by one. I want us to re-watch our favorite films together or re-read our favorite books. I want us to relive not the years we have spent but the memories we have shared. I want our love to keep growing, no matter how old it gets, for in my eyes you will always be the same person, and in my heart you will always be the same, loving soul.

But my love, all I promise you right now is faith. For it is the only thing I could offer you other than my love. We still have a long way to go and the future is not as bright as we imagine it to be, but with my faith I will learn to trust that you are in my grand plan. We are not the universe and our love is just a speck in the sky. We are not the most special or the most wonderful. We are not as important as the sun and the moon but today, whether I have or have not met you yet, I promise to give you everything I can.

I promise to wait until that right moment. I promise to wait for all the signs I have asked God. And I promise to wait for that time when I could finally, finally spend all my tomorrows with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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