Don’t Search For Love—It Will Find You

To experience real love is the greatest desire that many of us have.

We all desire the euphoric feeling that comes from being connected to that special someone through a unique bond. So many people spend endless amounts of hours on dating websites trying to find their forever person. Many see love as a quest, as something you have to hunt down or it will run away from you.

We as humans crave control; we want things to work a certain way and at our own time. We often try to control every aspect of our lives, but love is not something that can be controlled. When someone is chasing you, either physically or figuratively, your automatic response is to run the opposite direction. The same scenario happens when it comes to love; the harder you try, the more evasive love is.

When you look too hard, you run the risk of settling for anything. When you want love so desperately, you think you see the love in people too quickly, and that only places you in toxic relationships.

The truth is that real love must come naturally. You can’t hunt it down. You can’t plan it or analyze it. You can’t force it and you can’t buy it. You can’t make a heart feel something it doesn’t. Love shouldn’t have to be proven or won, it is a mutual attraction that organically grows with time. Love is not something you can’t simply make happen.

Although it is a very beautiful feeling to share love with another person, please don’t forget that your main source of love comes from within. The love you need radiates from inside of you, and eventually, you will find someone with whom you can share it with.

Stop wasting all your energy looking for love. Instead, turn all your attention inward. When you shift your focus, you will learn that you don’t really need to be with anyone to be of worth to this world. You will learn that you on your own have so much to offer in this life. When you are completely confident and secure with yourself, love will find you.

The right person is going to walk into your life when you develop the confidence in yourself to face this world alone with optimism and enthusiasm.

The right person is going to walk into your life when you learn that you don’t need another person to make you happy; when you learn that real happiness is always something that is found within.

The right person is going to come into your life the moment that you’re truly ready for them. You might think you are ready now, but that could be far from the truth. You have to do inner work and let go of past emotional baggage so you can make room for the right person to come into your life. Love won’t come any moment sooner or later. It may seem like love will never arrive, but you just have to trust in the universe’s timing.

Even though none of us really know when love is going to walk through our door, the only thing we can do is prepare ourselves to receive it when it finally arrives.

Until then, go about your life; continue to grow and evolve. Know that you don’t have to look for love, but you can attract love by working on being your best and truest self.

One day, just when it seems like just another ordinary day, you will come across the person that you’ve been waiting for all along, and you will feel your heart flutter; it is just like that love will come to you like an unexpected rainstorm, and you’ll find yourself dancing in the rain.

When love finds you when you least expect it, it will be the most beautiful surprise.

About the author

Mitzi J Hernandez

A writer writing love, life and her cancer journey.💚