I Don’t Want A Man Who Comes Back, I Want A Man Who Doesn’t Leave

I came across this quote the other day: “If someone comes back, they’re yours to keep and if not it’s not meant to be” or something like that. And it made me wonder.

I thought, well if someone loves you and if it’s meant to be, why would they leave in the first place?

Time and time again, someone from the past tries to re-enter my life. Men who I dated months and even years ago always reach out to me asking for another chance.

Every man that I dated was different, and every one of them had their own reason why they left. They weren’t ready, the timing wasn’t right, or perhaps they realized that they could not provide everything that I was asking for. Maybe they have changed, and they are ready now. Maybe they are being real and honest this time. But I don’t care, they should have held on to me when they had me. At this point, nothing that they say or do matters anymore.

These men visited my heart for a short while, explored my body, played with my mind and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. They left me holding broken pieces of my heart and they did not care.

I left them in the past and I don’t have any intentions in bringing any of them back into my life. However, I wish them well and I hope that they’re happy.

I believe that people change and in second chances, but I think that when you finally find the one, nothing could keep you from being with that person.

Because when someone truly loves you, they don’t leave.

I don’t want a man who comes back, I want a man who doesn’t leave.

I understand that staying isn’t always going to be the easiest choice. And when arguments, disagreements, and fights occur; it’s always going to be so much easier to leave than to have to deal with the situation. But even though it’ll be much harder to stay with me – I want a man that will stay to work things out instead of leaving when things get hard.

I want a man who doesn’t leave when I am at my worst. I want a man who will remain by my side on the days when I’m not the easiest to love. He will stay and will never ever stop fighting for me because he knows that I would do the same for him.

I want a man who will stay to face the unknown with me. I know that our journey together will be a wild roller-coaster. But no one said love would always be easy. Loving me will be a thrilling experience with ups and downs, and if he stays with me –he’s going to have to brace himself for the unexpected – because there are going to be many things that will be beyond our control. But together we will tackle whatever challenge comes our way and we won’t let anything defeat us.

I want a man who will have the freedom to walk out that door and never look back, but he will choose not to leave because he knows the good outweighs the bad. He will stay because he knows that what he has with me, he won’t be able to find anywhere else. He will stay no matter how hard it gets. He will stay with me even when it would be so much easier for him to just get up and go.

I want a man who stays the first time around. A man who recognizes how rare it is to find a woman like me, and he will hold on to me and won’t let go. I want a man who truly sees me; he not only sees my physical features, but he also sees right through me. I want a man who sees the good and the bad. A man who sees that I am far from perfect and the ugly parts don’t scare him away.

For once in my life, I just want a man who doesn’t leave. I’m tired of people leaving. I’m tired of starting over.

I want a man who will stay to build a permanent home in my heart. I want a man who understands that it’s not always going to be easy. It’s not always going to be simple. It will get hard and complicated. But I promise that I’m going to make it worthwhile. I promise that I will never give up on him. And I promise to make sure that he always feels loved and appreciated.

I will never leave him – as long as he always stays with me.

A writer writing love, life and her cancer journey.💚

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