I'm Slowly Learning To Trust That My Heart Knows What It Needs

I’m Slowly Learning To Trust That My Heart Knows What It Needs

I’ve always been the person that chooses logic over feelings. A lot of my decisions have been made using facts and logic.

I have suppressed so many emotions because I let my analytical mind take charge and I ignored what my heart was trying to tell me. I always find myself in a tug of war between what my mind wants me to do and what my heart wants me to feel. I feel lost on what to do—should I let my heart guide me, or should I rationalize the situation?

It took me years to realize that not every rational and well thought out decision fits my needs. And that logic can fool me into believing what’s the best for me, leaving my heart neglected.

I’m slowly learning to trust that my heart knows what it needs.

I’m slowly learning that my heart’s purpose is not just to pump blood and nutrients to all of my body’s cells. My heart not only keeps me alive, but it gives me reasons to live.

I’m slowly learning that my heart truly knows what it’s best for me. I’m learning to sync my mind with the rhythm of my heart so I can better perceive the messages that my heart is sending through my veins to my brain.

I’m slowly learning to be more in touch with the strongest organ in my body. My heart has always been strong enough to overcome the worst situations. My heart is powerful. It has been broken and battered, but despite being bruised and scarred, it keeps on beating. My heart has always kept on going even when my mind shut down and stopped working. My heart has kept me going while my own mind was trying to destroy me.

I’m slowly learning to trust my heart as the inner guidance that ushers me through life. I am learning to not rely on my mind and to let my heart take the lead. My heart knows which roads I should take and which roads I should avoid. My heart knows the direction that my life should follow. It knows just how to get me to my destination.

I’m slowly learning to trust my heart and be patient. I am learning that things and people will show up when they’re supposed to, lessons will manifest when I need them, blessings will come when the time is right, and that my heart will direct me to the right people, but will also tell me to walk away from those that are not good for my soul.

I’m slowly learning to let out all the blocked emotions of an overlooked heart. I’m slowly opening the doors of my heart that have been closed for so long, and as they open, I will have to face old emotional wounds and difficult feelings. But I am finally doing what my heart needs—I am letting myself feel so I can find peace.

I’m slowly learning that my heart knows things that it takes time for my mind to process. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a writer. My heart knew that; my heart has always known that. But it took years for my mind to start believing in the possibility that I could become one.

I’m slowly learning to go deep within my heart to uncover the answers to many questions; my heart knows what it is I need to do to discover passion, love, and purpose. All the answers are inside its inner chambers, where the truth resides. All the wisdom I need emanates from within.

I’m slowing learning to trust my heart when something doesn’t feel right. I am learning to pay close attention to the signals it sends to my body to warn me about a situation, place or a person. I am learning to trust that my heart has the knowledge I need to make the decision that’s right for me.

I’m slowly learning that what my heart needs does not have a price tag or a title. What my heart needs are things that cannot be seen but can be felt. My heart needs to be heard. It needs to be loved. It needs to be acknowledged. It needs to feel. It needs to be taken cared of, and most importantly, it needs to feel free.

I’m slowly learning that trusting my heart is not an easy task. It requires courage and a willingness to feel deeply and be vulnerable. But there are many gifts inside the walls of my heart waiting to be unwrapped. All I have to do is trust my heart and what it needs.

I’m slowly learning that my heart cares a lot about me, my well-being, happiness, and my growth.

I’m slowly learning that my heart will always take care of me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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