I Am Not A 'Cuffing Season' Kind Of Girl

I Am Not A ‘Cuffing Season’ Kind Of Girl

Winter has come, the days are getting colder and the days getting shorter.

Cuffing season is upon us, this is the time between autumn and spring where singles are faced with one choice, to either endure the cold temperatures alone or embark on a quest ‘cuff’ someone down.

I am not sure why this season makes some people desperate to find a significant other. It could be that they don’t want to spend a cold winter alone or they just want someone to take to their family’s festivities so they can avoid questions like “You dating anyone yet?” or, “When are you going to settle down and start a family?.”

Personally, I like the winter and never understood the big deal about “cuffing season”. The word ‘cuffing’ makes me cringe, it sounds like you want to force someone to be with you like a prisoner or something like that. Cuffing sounds like you are shackling yourself to another person because you want to temporarily tie yourself to someone else.

I am not a cuffing season kind of girl because quite frankly I could care less what my family thinks. I don’t care about being the almost 30-year-old single woman in the family. I don’t have to be settled down like the rest of them. I am happy the way my life is, and I will settle down when I am ready.

I am not a ‘cuffing season’ kind of girl because I don’t want “temporary love”. I don’t want to be with someone that has an expiration date. I don’t want to be with someone that will use me as a warm body during the cold months and decides to end things just as the weather warms up and he has more motivation to get out and about and do better things.

I am not a cuffing season kind of girl because I don’t think it’s a good idea to date someone out of boredom, loneliness, or convenience, We’ve all done it at some point, but it never ends well—either someone gets hurt, or the relationship ends up being a waste of time. I’ve already wasted so much time on the wrong men and I’m not interested in cuffing myself to some dude just so I don’t have to be single this winter.

I am not a cuffing season kind of girl because I want to date for a reason, not for a season.

Yes, having someone to cuddle and spend time is great, but relationships take time to develop. We all get lonely from time to time, but there are worse things than being single when it’s freezing outside — and that’s being trapped with someone you only kind of, sort of like. I don’t think I should be settling down with a fellow human just to have someone to spend the cold months with. I want to date for a purpose and not just to follow a stupid trend.

I am not a cuffing season girl because being with someone is not my priority. My only priority is to do things that make me happy, and personally, getting with someone simply because it’s “cuffing season” and everyone else is doing it, is not my definition of happiness. I rather spend my time close friends and family. I rather spend my energy doing things I love than looking for someone to cuff down.

I am not a cuffing season kind of girl because I like my space, I don’t mind being alone. I am not the kind of girl seeking out a relationship to avoid loneliness or any other unpleasant emotion or thought I may have.

I am not a cuffing season kind of girl because I plan on making my way through the fall and winter months as I did the other months. I’ll keep doing what I did last month and the month before. I will continue to enjoy being single because I have everything to myself. I don’t have to worry about someone stealing the blankets in the middle of the night because it’s my bed. I don’t have to share my food or my personal space and most importantly I make my own rules.

I am not a cuffing season kind of girl because I can survive winter without a significant other.

I am not a ‘cuffing season’ kind of girl because I am certain that this winter, whether I have a partner or not, I will have a happy, merry, jolly time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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