When Everything Feels Too Heavy and Unfair in Life, Read This

This Is Your Reminder That It Really Does Get Better

Life has been rough lately, just when you think it can’t get any worse life smacks you with its ruthless indifference.

All I know is that things will soon get better. And for the time being, all I can do is to make the best of a every bad situation.

When life gets especially though, I often have to remind myself that the dark moments only make you appreciate the light even more. Every arduous trial teaches you a lesson. Every rejection teaches you perseverance. Every failure is a step towards success. Every wrong turn directs you to go the right way. Every adversity in life will help you to become more resilient so you can find your ultimate path to happiness and success.

We need to realize that sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right. Sometimes you will find yourself walking through that dark valley without knowing how you’ll make it out and you will feel parched and weak. But you will make it out, you will make it through the rough path, and find your way back to a smooth path.

The foundation of your world could have been shaken by any given number of things and now you are scrambling broken pieces of your life to put it back together.

But you know what?

Nothing last forever. Except death.

As long as you are still breathing, there’s always a solution.

This is your reminder that it really does get better.

Things will get better, maybe not right now, but eventually.

Pain, darkness and difficulties are part of life. Life will not always be rainbows and sunshine. Life will test our strength and faith is so many ways. Bad things happen. Unexpected setbacks manifest. Inconvenient interruptions invade our lives and we can’t always put a finger on why things happen the way they do.

Despite it all, you must seek the positive in the struggle, challenge yourself to look for the silver lining in tough situations.

No matter how many challenges life sends your way, and no matter how big and overwhelming your problems might seem at times, you have to remind yourself that you are bigger than all of your problems. And that you can deal with whatever life throws your way. Think about the life ahead of you. There’s always going to be so much that life has to offer us. There’s so much to live for on this earth and our tribulations are all temporary. When bad things come at once, then think of all the amazing things that could be rolling downhill towards you. If you have mountains of problems in your hands right now, you will soon have mountains of gifts in your life to enjoy. Things can and will always get better, that’s what I love about life. Overcoming difficult situations in life is part of living.

You will get stronger. You will get better. You will get through it. You will make it. You may lose some good things and even some people along the way, but God will bring better things.

Things will improve. Things will get better.

It will happen in God’s timing. TC mark

About the author

Mitzi J Hernandez

A writer writing love, life and her cancer journey.💚