8 Qualities A Man Must Possess To Win Over An Alpha Female’s Heart

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Many misinterpret what alpha females are and want. Let’s not confuse being strong with abrasive and independent with apathetic. We have set out our own set standards and only welcome the people into our lives who meet the bar.

If you want a date an alpha female your heart better be filled with the following qualities.

1. A solid foundation of ambition and determination.

We have our own hopes, dreams, and ambitions. We believe in partnership and teamwork; therefore, we want a man that has big plans as well. A man that is driven and it’s walking the same path to greatness to support us as we accomplish what we set out to do. The best couples can feed off each other’s energy and drive each other further. Alpha females love men who inspire us to climb even higher, to dare us and challenge us to think even bigger and will rise up to the life’s challenges when things get tough, so he also need to be…

2. A pillar of strength and emotional stability.

Alpha females want a man that is emotionally strong and will also be there for her when she faces all the insecurities, challenges and obstacles of her own life. Being strong and holding your own fort is tough and exhausting. We want a man who has the desire to care-take of us while fully respecting us; who is strong and supportive, who is giving in the right ways at the right times. We want you to be the best coach we could ask for, just because we are headstrong, we still need someone to push us to get what we want and for that…

3. Honesty must be on the top of his list of morals.

Honesty isn’t just about being faithful; what women really want in a man, is a man they can trust. Trust is an important foundation for a good solid relationship. Being honest is about being crystal clear in your communication, be upfront with us; talk to us about your concerns, desires and everything in between. We may not like what you have to say at times, but we will respect you even more for your honesty. But not everything has to be a serious talk, we want our guy to face life with…

4. A heart filled with great sense of humor.

I know all the ladies will agree with me that a man with a great sense of humor is a definite TOP quality to have in order to melt our hearts. Women want a man who can make her laugh! There’s an old saying that “laughter is the best medicine”, which is true not only for the soul, but it also enhances communication, relieves stress, allows you to grow closer and enriches the relationship. But with a great sense of humor needs to be paired with…

5. An open heart who’s not afraid to express deep emotions.

Romance in a relationship is key. The main reason why there is so many failed relationships is because romance dies quickly. We want a guy who’s not afraid to show small gestures of his deepest feelings and emotions. A guy who’s willing to remind her that he cares about her. On that note, we wouldn’t mind…

6. A strong sense of adventure.

Because the norm is boring, doing the same things get old. Being adventurous is about changing up the daily routine and being open minded; it is important to have someone that wants to get out there and experience new things.

7. Confidence and tons of kindness should also be a must.

Confidence is sexy. But a kind confident man has an aura, a pull, a magnetic energy that makes them more attractive even if they don’t have the looks. A confident, selfless man that knows how to carry himself defines a great man. There’s something about watching someone perform an act of kindness, being nice and helping others that is eye-grabbing.

8. Financial stability is preferable.

We can finance ourselves and have our own money, but we also want a man that is financially stable. I don’t mean whether he is “rich” or not but he should be able to support himself. We don’t want no mommy’s boy that still sleeping on the couch, doesn’t have a stable job or a car, no thanks. We want a man not a child.

We are thinking long-term, we want to know that the man has the ability to take care of him and his family. We want security!! Alpha females want to meet a man that matches their earning potential.

Alpha women want an intelligent, grown, deep, knowledgeable, attentive, faithful kind-hearted men. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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