It Has To Get Ugly Before It Gets Pretty

Andrew Ruiz

I’ve heard a thousand times that after a hurricane comes a rainbow, but I never thought that phrase would apply to me because, well, I had everything figured out.

Maybe you are like me, a person that loves to think that life is going to happen as planned. A person who has the perfect timeline with the dream job at 23, the Instagram-worthy summer vacation at 25 and the picture-perfect family at 30.

If you are that kind of human, let me tell you something brutally honest: You will get hurt and your heart will break.

Life gives you lessons just to make you realize that you don’t have the control. It tells you that you’d better not take things for granted, because when you do, they go away.

Maybe you were doing great in life, with a nice job that was giving you a good amount of money, meeting awesome people, having good grades on your classes and seeing someone interesting who made you wonder about the possibility of a good relationship, but still, you weren’t happy with that and craved more.

It happened to me, and in less than three weeks, my plans failed, I lost the job, I failed my classes, I had to put some of my dreams on standby because of money and the guy mentioned the words “just friends.”

For me, in my small mind, it seemed like the end of my world, but my faith and my beliefs have taught me that this is not an end; it is a test, and God someday is going to open new doors for me.

If you have been in this position, first of all, congratulations. You are growing up and actually living. You are not having the Pinterest-perfect life, you are having a real one with ups and downs that at the end of the day are only making you stronger.

Having everything and then losing what you loved is a way of showing you that this world is bigger than you thought, and that maybe, what you had wasn’t part of God’s perfect plan for your life.

I can’t tell you right now exactly what to do after losing what you love, because I am still learning, but what I can tell you is that you have to trust.

You have to trust that sooner than later you will be out of this. You have to trust in yourself and the fact that you are capable of getting a better job and when you feel better, you can go around town knocking new doors and looking for new paths. And finally, you have to trust God, His plan, His dreams and His never-ending love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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