This Is Why It’s Called The ‘Art’ Of Letting Go

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One time I heard a song that said the words “letting go means growing up.” I was young when those words came into my mind, but now, almost five years later, I understand that saying goodbye to something that once made you feel alive hurts, and it hurts bad.

Letting go means that you are brave enough to let something or someone walk away from your life. It means that you have the courage to take away from your heart what is killing you on the inside because you want to live again, and this time you want to live for the person you are and the one you want to be.

Letting go means that you have decided to love yourself for the first time, and make your heart and feelings a priority.

It is not easy. It includes grief, sadness and confusion. It is painful.

Waking up every morning is the worst part. The phone is there, but with no texts from that person that once was special. You crave all those good morning words that brightened up your day and all those sweet messages at night.

There are so many words that you wanted to say, but you never did. There are plenty of songs that you wanted to share with them because all the lyrics expressed how you felt, but now you can’t do that. There is a lot of emptiness on your heart. There is anger, too.

Going through all these feelings make me understand why letting go is an art. It is because art is supposed to make you feel things, and saying goodbye to something that once you loved makes you feel the entire universe inside your head.

But after the storm comes the calm and after months, or even years of feeling hurt, life gives you the chance to start again.

Little by little, life starts to show you that there is more than you ever thought. There are more people around the world that are going to be fascinated with you and what is inside your head. I know right now it is hard to believe, because your mind is still attached to your ex or to the one with who you had an almost relationship, but there are, believe me, and you will have the blessing of meeting someone new when the time is right.

There are more places where you can start over and there are a billion of new things that you are going to try. There are songs that you have not heard, stories that you have not read and feelings that you had not felt yet, but you will.

What do you have to do when you begin practicing the art of letting go? You have to stay strong and have faith. You have to stay strong in order to not look back, and you have to have faith that God has amazing plans for you, and that on His perfect timing, this will work out the right way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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