Wait For The Person Who Makes You Forget About Everyone Who Came Before Them


Waiting is hard.

I’m sure I’ve said those words so many times before, but it’s true. Waiting sucks when you are an impatient soul that wants to have everything figured out.

When it comes to dating and relationships, trusting the perfect timing is hard. You get tired of meeting all the wrong ones, so you consider settling for the most decent option because you have given up all your hopes.

I am a hopeless romantic, and because of that, I like to believe that love is exciting and that is a one of a kind feeling. It’s a feeling that shouldn’t be mediocre.

But being with someone shouldn’t be a half love or a half relationship; it has to be complete from both sides, and that’s why waiting, even though is hard, is totally worth it.

You will know that it was worthy when you spend time with that special person talking about your dreams and your fears. You will know it when you feel at your lowest, but still know that wonderful human is going to be there, loving you and supporting you. You will be happy that you waited all this time, when you wake up next to your loved one on a Sunday morning, smiling because he gives you a feeling of safety and peace.

I wish I could have an app or a watch that could tell me when and where I’m going to meet that person or if I already met him.

Sometimes I think about that a lot, and it’s because I get bored of people that just want games and lame conversations. I get bored of staring at my phone, waiting for a text that never comes, and I get bored of waiting for signals.

But my dear, as humans, there’s nothing left to do but wait.

It’s so freaking hard! We wish everything on our timing, but we don’t realize that our higher power, our God, will do things on His perfect timing, because He knows that we are ready to meet that person that will make us forget about all those heartbreaks and bad experiences.

Someday, somehow, that wonderful human being is going to appear, and for the first time, you won’t second guess like you did with the tall guy with lovely green eyes, you won’t have mixed signals like you had with the guy that loved soccer, and this time, you won’t be staring at your phone the whole time, because that person is not going to make you wait for a text or call – that person is going to be there, next to you, enjoying simple things like French fries and the nice view of the place you both love.

And suddenly there, in the middle of the sunset or the city lights, you will understand that all the wait was worth it.

You will realize that all those bad experiences are just that: experiences that helped you and made you grow, but none of them important, because now, for the first time ever, your heart will feel complete. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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