How To Forget Her

How To Forget Her

This is purely practical.

You don’t have the energy to feel this way anymore. It hurts and it’s a waste of time. You need that time to do other things. You need to finish your finals or work on your novel, and you can’t do those things when you’re hurting, not really. You can’t really do anything when you’re hurting, except maybe eat things from jars by the spoonful and lie in bed all day and sigh.

Before you do anything, you need to stop thinking that if you just project enough energy out into the universe, you can change the facts.

These are the facts:

You want her, and

She does not want you.

So you’re going to have to forget her sooner or later.

Unless you’re one of those types that believes in things like destiny and magical thinking, in which case none of this will be helpful.

But if you want to help yourself forget her, here are some ways to try:

First, stop finding excuses to see her. Stop thinking of times of day in terms of where she might be and what she might be doing there and stop putting yourself in her path accidentally on purpose. This will be hard because you’ll have to restructure the way you perceive your days, but changes in perception are good. It helps to keep in mind that it makes no difference to her where you are and what you’re doing there either.

Also, don’t think of her name as Her Name. Train your heart to not freak out and start crazily leaking blood when it pops up on your phone, when you say it, write it, think her name at all. Extract its significance from your limbic system. Repeat it over and over until the sounds don’t make sense anymore and you feel blissfully nothing.

Stop reminding yourself how much you want her. Not that this is the magic cure, it’s that things are only as real as the intensity of the thought you invest in them. De-intensify the thought. This is how you make things less real.

You have to start thinking she’s average. Average people aren’t disarming. No one says, you give me heartstop because you’re so delightfully average. If you’re going to forget her, you have to forget all the ways she’s different. Blank out everything that makes her Her, and then you might start to feel better.

Or, alternately, tell her how you feel in great luminous detail and let her reject you head on. Replay the rejection in your head later if you start to feel hopeful. Nothing quite puts you off something like overexposure.

The two prime movers in the Universe are Time and Luck.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark