What I Learned From Falling In Love With The Wrong Person

What I Learned From Falling In Love With The Wrong Person
Adrian Sava

I know what you’re thinking just by reading the title; what? How could I willing waste my precious time with the wrong person?

Well, I’ll tell you how just the system of love can be. I, for an ungodly amount of time, spent loving the wrong person. Thought they were the person I was going to spend forever with. Wrote numerous, unnecessary articles trying to profess my love to them and everyone around. Paraded around town how “happy” I was at finding love.

But, looking at it now that time has passed and we no longer associate, I realized it wasn’t love. It couldn’t be. How could I constantly give a limb and liver to someone who didn’t accept the treatment?

All the cute outfits I wore, the obnoxious laughter, and associating with people not in my crowd were a dire cry for attention. I hoped if I could be a female Shakespeare, I could swoon you into love, but I couldn’t, and I shouldn’t have had to try.

You shouldn’t have to convince someone to love you. You should have someone love you and love you forever at that.

Loving the wrong person teaches you what you truly deserve by loving the right person. Love cannot be one sided or else it doesn’t exist. For the longest time, I’ve been preached at how you never treated me right & I deserved more, but I couldn’t see clearly through the infatuation.

It wasn’t until a real man, not just some boy, came along, and showed me what it’s like to trust, to have faith, to be special. Finally in my life, I knew what it was like to be one of those women I envied on the street with their significant other enclosing them with non grotesque-like affection.

Any woman deserves to have a man carry her around against her good will. Any woman desires a man to remember the little things about her just as rightfully as she does. Any woman just wants to be loved forever and always, not for the time being. No woman deserves ignorance or unjust behavior.

Love is a word with a strange and heavy weight. The word reminds me of hand holding, how you can evenly break apart the four letters into two halves and combine them back together. It’s similarly how love is supposed to be; you may fall apart, but only both you and your lover’s hands can pull you back into alignment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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