To The One Who Will Have My Heart Next, Please Love Me As I Am

To The One Who Will Have My Heart Next, Please Love Me As I Am

Be the one that reminds me of what love feels like.

See the cracks and tears in my heart that has made me forget what passion and fire felt like, ones that are so deep it burns through every fiber and muscle of my body with just one look. Please be the one that is true to their word and actions. Fill the missing pieces of my heart. I need you to know that there is more to me than the fragile persona I show on the outside.

On the inside I am nothing more than a broken soul in search of someone to show me a love I used to know so well, a love so strong that the only repercussion is a broken heart.

My dear, when you look into my eyes I need you to see who I truly am. I need you to see the lost and broken soul that fights through every day.

I cannot tell you who I am because it only dims the flame of my desire. I need you to remind me what it is to love and be loved. Only then will you unlock that unconditional passion that I once carried.

I want to love you in the unconditional way that I use to love another. No, I want to love you better because you have the same passion for me as I do you. I want you to see who I truly am beneath all the broken pieces because I cannot find the strength in myself to speak the truth behind my eyes.

I need you to be patient with me. Read me with an eye for detail. Know that I have much more to offer than this quiet unsure person you see before you. Once you get through my walls and break it down piece by piece, I promise you will discover something great each time the concrete crumbles.

Love me for me.

Every bit of brokenness. Every ounce of pain and every quiet unsure response. Take it and mold it in your hand with so much gentleness that every curve becomes secure in complete happiness.

I cannot take another heartbreak. My soul will not stand. So please hear me in the words I cannot say.

Love me gently and I can promise to give you the world. Make me forget every once of pain, every broken thought and empty promises.

Take away the memories I hold so dear it hurts and give me yours. Make them beyond the sky to where I no longer see what use to be but what is right now.

I need someone to pursue me on the deepest level of emotional intimacy allowed. My guard will eventually be let go and my scars be yours to mold into stars. I can tell you it won’t be easy. I can tell you it will be frustrating. I can promise you will want to give up on multiple occasions. But if it’s true for you as it’s true for me, it will be worth it. Soon enough I’ll will have the strength to be the person I should be for you. The strength you reminded me I had all along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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