Why You Shouldn’t Tell A Girl She Deserves Better

It really, really bugs me when a guy tells a girl (who he loves, and vice versa) that she deserves better. I mean COME ON! Who are you to decide that huge part of someone’s life for them? Why not be grateful that they chose you and not the next guy that gives her the time of day or offers her the world.

The next guy’s world, in her mind, pales in comparison to what you can give her. But you just think that all you can give her is disappointment.

Maybe she sees more in you. Maybe shes doesn’t want someone who already has a world to offer but wants someone who is still trying to build their own so they can build it together.

Maybe just maybe she fell in love with you for the little things she sees in your personality. Like the way your face scrunches up when you are concentrating on a game or a show. Or the huge heart she sees when you do everything in your power to care for those around you before yourself.

Why can’t you see the great thing in front of you and hold on to it as tight as you can?

There are so many things wrong with this topic that I could on forever. The main problem is a lot of people see disappointment and run with it, stating they cant stand when they are the cause of it.

What you need to realize is that disappointment and fear ARE NORMAL THINGS.

You can disappoint the person you love so many times throughout your lifetime but it doesn’t have to define the relationship. It builds the bond you two share if treated in the correct manner of communication. Especially when a bond of true genuine love was built between you two.

Learn to communicate. It is the most important thing to focus on in a relationship. Lack of communication will not only break her heart when things spiral out into a bottomless pit of fire but it will break yours in the process.

The hardest part comes when you do not realize the damage this mindset can bring until after it’s said and done. There’s no coming back from that type of destruction.

And you need to stop comparing yourself to other guys out there! She chose you not them! I understand that we all need confirmation and a good reminder every now and again as to why. That is perfectly okay! Absolutely no good comes from comparing yourself to another when they seem more put together in more ways than one.

Everyone deserves something great in life. If it so happens to be a girl that is more then you could have possibly dreamed and she says shes yours. Believe her. Don’t let her go. Learn from her.

Better yourself for her because you don’t want to lose her not because she asked you to.

If worst comes to worse and it is too late know this: Moving on will seem impossible. I can testify to that personally. But I promise if this has happened to you, you can and will pull from it. You will learn from it and do better the next chance at love you get.

But please for the sake of all hearts and lives involved do not realize this too late and maybe just maybe there may be one more chance for you to get back what you gave up. It may not be right away but who knows. Ten years down the road you may be able to finally prove to yourself and her that you were stupid and wrong and she may believe you. Just know it will be up to her to free her heart to you again. Time tells all. Just don’t dwell on what should have could have been. You will be alright. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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