9 Reasons Why It Will Never Work Out With Your Ex

1. You want different things in life.

Something already changed. Your goals and dreams are no longer the same with his.

2. You no longer have time.

Time is needed to cultivate and nourish the relationship. It may be you were the one who got too busy, it could be him, it could be the both of you.

3. Arguments can no longer be solved.

No one wants to give way anymore. Gone are the understanding, patient and forgiving virtues when it comes to the relationship.

4. Family and friends no longer approve.

Everyone saw how broken you were when the relationship ended. But even if you say you don’t care what other people think and say, your family and your friends’ opinion will drive a wedge in the relationship.

5. You can’t forgive and forget.

You start counting the mistakes of each other. And no matter how you love him, you just can;t forget what he did to you.

6. You can’t face your common friends and his friends.

For whatever reason, you can’t bear seeing his friends anymore. It doesn’t mean you were at fault for the break-up but you just can’t do it.

7. They may not like being physical anymore.

If the accidental brushing of hands makes them cringe, what more if you actually kiss?

8. And most of all, they don’t love you anymore.

They said it countless times already. They even proved it time and again. What else do you want?

9. And oh… they have someone new already.

You don’t want to be a mistress in their new relationship, do you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Victor Bezrukov

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