5 Shows That You Need To Try Watching

How I Met Your Mother: Season Eight
How I Met Your Mother: Season Eight

Most people who know me know that I’m a TV fiend. It helps me look less crazy since I work in TV PR but really I just love good television and binge watching has really made television better, in my opinion. I could write a thesis on binge watching but that’s boring and I’m not going to do that. What I am going to do is give you some of my absolute favorite shows – my top 5 – and you’re going to take my word for it and go watch them if you haven’t already because I said so. So here it is, my top 5 shows – and my best no nonsense reasons why you should watch them (starting from the bottom). Keep in mind I watch about 3,000 other shows and this top 5 was finally polished like yesterday… also I’m not trying to bring you groundbreaking shows that you don’t know about I’m just saying that you should watch these shows because I said so.

5. How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

If you don’t like this show, you don’t have a sense of humor. Even my mother who is a snob about entertainment and a snob about what she finds funny and what she finds stupid enjoys watching this show. This show wildly hilarious AND it’s easily accessible – all episodes are on Netflix. Also it’s ending this season and I really haven’t come to terms with that fact and I’m going to need a lot of people to cry with when it finally ends. The best part about HIMYM is that you don’t necessarily have to watch it from the beginning but if you do it’s A THOUSAND times better because any time they make references to prior episodes that just make it all more enjoyable. When I finally sat down and binged HIMYM a few seasons ago I was surprised that I had seen mostly all the episodes but it’s just great to watch it from beginning to end. Some may argue that HIMYM kind of overstayed its welcome but the characters are just so great and it’s so well written and just SO DAMN CLEVER that it will always be my favorite comedy on television. Plus, I’m in love with Jason Segel and you will be too once you hop on board.

4. Shameless (Showtime)

Shameless is absolutely underrated and it’s fucking absurd because it’s one of the most entertaining shows on TV. I think last season people finally started to realize it was excellent and it’s definitely got a growing audience so I feel like it’ll be one of the most popular shows eventually. If not then whatever – I know it’s awesome and that’s all that matters. So for those of you who don’t know SHAMELESS follows the eclectic Gallagher Family and stars the gorgeous and talented Emmy Rossum as the protagonist. Her character, Fiona, is the oldest of the million and one spawn of Frank Gallagher, played brilliantly by William H. Macy. Seriously Frank is a piece of shit and he is the most amusing piece of shit on television. Shameless is a great dramadey – it touches on some serious subject matter that could really depress the shit out of you but doesn’t lose sight that at the core it is a comedy. Fiona pretty much raises her younger siblings and tries to make ends meet and Frank is the most functioning alcoholic in America. You want to punch Frank in the face but at the same time you wouldn’t mind having a beer with him because you know that he would make you feel better about yourself while also entertain you. There really is no other word to describe this show other than SHAMELESS because the shit that they do is just ratchet and awesome and well… shameless. If you have watched it and don’t like it I really just don’t understand.

3. Sons of Anarchy (FX)

So the only reason I think SOA isn’t #2 for me is because I’m still not caught up on the current season but FUCK me this show is the epitome of dominance. First of all – SHAME ON EMMY VOTERS because this show gets absolutely NO Emmy love and I don’t understand why at all. Let’s start at point A as to why this show is the purest form of awesome. Kurt Sutter created this show and loosely based it off Hamlet. That’s right – THIS IS BIKER HAMLET. I think Shakespeare would have approved because Jax is a way better Hamlet figure than whiney ass actual Hamlet who walks around all melancholy (his words, not mine) talking to skulls and shit. Anyway, I digress. If you’ve ever had to read Hamlet for school or just happen to enjoy reading Shakespeare or are familiar with the story line you will 100% pick up on it and it will make your viewing experience better. Kind of like when you realized Lion King was also loosely based off of Hamlet and you were like AHHHHHHHH NO WAY but in Sons the Hamlet storyline is a little more apparent than in Lion King. Sons of Anarchy follows the chronicles of a group of the outlaw bike club called, you guessed it, Sons of Anarchy (aka SAMCRO). The main character is Jax Teller (VP of the club), played by Charlie Hunnam who most people know as the guy who was supposed to be Christian Grey. Side note – he would have been an awesome Christian Grey but it doesn’t matter because Jax Teller is a WAY better character than Christian Grey. The story follows Jax’s life and the struggles he faces when he starts to question the club and ultimately himself. It’s hard to explain exactly what and who the Sons are without going into a lot of unnecessary detail, but it’s more than just a club and it’s more than just their main business of running illegal guns throughout California. ALLS I’M GOING TO SAY IS if you enjoy a show that is literally action packed every single episode you’ll love Sons. For anyone who loves a good antihero, you’ll also love Sons. Fantastic acting by the entire ensemble – Ron Perlman is amazing as the bad ass club Pres Clay and stepfather to Jax – he’s married to her mom Gemma who is Katey Sagal plays flawlessly. Seasons 1-5 are on Netflix currently and season 6 is almost finished. Sons is probably the show that you haven’t been recommended before – I’m telling you that it is pure dominance.

2. Game of Thrones (HBO)

I was a little late to jump on the GOT train because I was going to wait to read the books but really I just had so much fomo when it was the Red Wedding and I had no clue what was going on I was like screw it I’ll read the books later, time to get on this STAT. Game of Thrones is  frequently described as epic but that word doesn’t even do it justice. The storyline is just so RICH and compelling and the acting is unbelievable. You definitely have to pay attention – I really enjoyed reading recaps by Entertainment Weekly’s resident Game of Thrones guy James Hibberd. If you’re the kind of person that really is into being transported to a different world then you will salivate over Thrones. The only reason you wouldn’t like Game of Thrones is if you’re really just not into fantasy dramas. It’s also a pretty raunchy show but it’s their world. It won’t take you too long to catch up since it’s only 3 seasons deep and all on HBO GO. But really even if you “don’t think it’s the kind of show you’d be into” you should still give it a try because it’s unbelievable. It’ll just take a lot out of you emotionally.

1.  Breaking Bad (AMC)

Do I even need to explain myself? I mean obviously this is on here but like… really it’s the greatest show of all time. This is pretty much universally agreed upon. Breaking Bad is a slow burn – and really stays true to its core: a story about chemistry and the study of change. Not ONE episode is disappointing. Some argue that the first season is slow but I personally didn’t feel that way. If you have not at least tried to watch it I don’t think I like you. The thing is if you haven’t watched it yet and have been meaning to I should warn you to not go into it with the highest expectations in America – even though that’s virtually impossible you have to just try to go into it like any other show and not put pressure on yourself because then you might inadvertently be disappointed and then you’ll definitely feel like there’s something wrong with you and you’ll be embarrassed to admit you didn’t like it. It’s like not like pizza or not like cheese or something of that nature. Just sit back and let the magic happen because it’s really bomb.com and pretty much the reason why TV is winning against movies right now. TC Mark

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