6 Promises You Should Make To Yourself For A Love That Will Last


1. Promise to never lose who you are for someone else.

Relationships are the grandest opportunities to provide life’s highest realization of one’s self. Tragically, oftentimes we find that their interests become our interests or that we can, and try to, find ourselves in them. The problem is that we give up most of who we are in the hopes that it will save the relationship when really it’s only worsening the issue. Be with someone who makes you feel like yourself.

2. Promise never to try and control the other person.

No one likes being told what they can or can’t do or who they can or can’t see. Underneath all the worries of the “I’m just not comfortable” or “I’m just looking out for you” is a deep fear and truth that your significant other can and will leave if they choose to. By fully accepting this fear and promising that you can put trust in your SO is the most important way to be secure in each other. Be with someone who doesn’t limit or hold you back.

3. Promise to be all in, no matter what.

There are days of hurting, of miscommunication, of incomparable joy, and of lazy Sundays. Regardless of what your relationship is, promising to be all in should be a solid foundation and certainty. When most people get into relationships they have this “you get what you give” mentality. Aren’t relationships the one thing we look forward to? Isn’t it always more than what you thought it would be? Be with someone who always has you in mind.

4. Promise to be selfless.

It is very easy to focus on your needs and what you want from the relationship. It’s important that your significant other feels comfortable enough to be themselves around you and for them to communicate what their feelings are and what they need. Simply being there is all a relationship is. Whether it is waiting with them at the doctor’s office or a party where they know people and you don’t, just be there with them. Be with someone who has your best interests at heart and mind.

5. Promise to never forget the little things.

After a certain time, you will get comfortable around your SO and THAT’S OKAY. Guys, just as much as girls, want and need to know that you still love and are attracted towards them. Never stop winning their heart; surprises don’t go unremembered. Remember to touch each other sensually to show appreciation and to joke around, not only to suggest sex. Compliments go a long way. Ultimately, be with someone who makes you feel loved.

6. Promise yourself that love is never going to be a guarantee.

Love is not a guarantee, but a promise. A promise for an opportunity to create something no else will share. At the times where you don’t get the love you feel you deserve, remember that love is free and unlimited. Love will always be unique when you choose to show, with one person, the depth of love you have for all people. No love is ever the same, nor will it ever be a guarantee. Be with someone who doesn’t take you for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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