All I Want Is A Cup Of Coffee With You

All I Want Is A Cup Of Coffee With You
That Awkward Moment

All I want is a cup of coffee with you. When the sun starts to rise, and a sliver of light peeks through the curtains, the warmth of being in your arms would go great with the warmth coffee in the morning brings.

I want to wake up next to you and lie in bed with you a bit longer, before we prepare to take on the rest of our day. I want to make breakfast and coffee with you, just the way we like it: yours plain black, and mine with two sugars and a dash of milk. As I pour coffee into our two favorite mugs, the familiar scent seeping from the heat fills the air, enveloping us in our own little world where we exchange our thoughts and ideas about anything under the sun. I want to hear your voice, still sounding sleepy from a good night’s slumber, telling me stories about your weird and silly dreams. Most importantly, I want to see you smile, secretly hoping I’m the reason behind it, and how it brightens my whole morning more than a thousand suns can.

All I want is a cup of coffee with you. With our hands intertwined, gripping paper cups which probably have our names spelled wrong, strolling through the streets and breathing in the fresh air.

I want to walk with you and get excited over the little things, like seeing dogs stroll by, or passing through your favorite park when you were a child. We’d probably go window shopping, making the most out of staying outdoors hand in hand with our cups of coffee, and visiting old bookstores to find a good read for when we get home. I want to see sights with you, and enjoy the views around us as we take sips here and there to warm us up and give us the energy we need. I want to walk till our feet hurt and we’re left wanting two more cups to quench our thirst. After going through the whole city, we’d find a bench to take a break from all the walking and talking. As I rest my head on your shoulder, we’d watch the people walk by, trying to guess the stories behind them as they go about their day. I want to go places and seek new adventures with you, no matter how simple they may be. I want you to be by my side through every journey.

All I want is a cup of coffee with you. Sitting across each other at a coffee shop, eating donuts and slices of cake, sharing stories without a care in the world.

I want to see the way your eyes crinkle when you laugh, and how you unconsciously reach out for my hand and stroke it while you tell me about your day. I want to see you lick the foam from your lips as you take a sip of your coffee, and I’d wipe at the corner of your mouth with my thumb, laughing at how silly you look. You’d watch me take photos of our food, annoyed that I’d be taking too long ‘cause all you want to do is eat, but after that, we’d end up taking pictures of each other because cafes always make the best photos. I want to relax with you and just enjoy your presence. I want to enjoy you simply being with me in comfortable silence, without having to utter a single word.

All I want is a cup of coffee with you. Snuggled up on a couch feeling lazy, deciding on what to do to entertain ourselves, wanting to spend the day in each other’s arms.

I want to think about all the things we could do together, as we gaze into each other’s eyes from opposite ends of the couch, with our fingers wrapped around warm mugs and our bodies wrapped in blankets and sheets. I want to read books with you and talk about all the places I’ve been and all the people I’ve met through their stories. I want to sing with you and hear your voice as you play the guitar to songs that take us way back. I want to watch movies with you no matter how cheesy the romcoms I choose may get. And after everything, I want to fall asleep right next to you, not fazed by the caffeine flowing through our veins.

All I want is a cup of coffee with you. Late at night when the world is asleep and we’re wide awake, musing over our thoughts that only the moon and the stars can bring out of us.

I want to dance around the kitchen with you at 2 in morning, when the caffeine kicks in, making us do crazy things. I want to know your aspirations, your visions, your fears, and all the things you find too difficult to say. I want to know things you’ve never told anyone before, and to witness a different side of you; a vulnerable side only the darkness can bring out. I want to sit with you and tell you things I’m too afraid to even admit to myself, hoping you’d understand me. We’d talk till the sun comes up, discovering more about ourselves each and every night, and slowly learning to accept our flaws and mistakes. I want to stay up with you and kiss you like there’s no tomorrow, wishing the moment could last forever. And after falling asleep from all the crying, kissing, laughing, or bantering around, all we’d look forward to the next day is when we’d get our next cup of coffee together.

All I want is a cup of coffee with you… to warm my hands, my heart, and my soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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