7 Ways To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Going To Be Rich

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Not every guy’s a member of the lucky sperm club. But just because your boyfriend isn’t a scion of a wealthy family doesn’t mean you’re never going to marry a rich man.

If Apple’s stock can rise from $21 to $500, so can the wealth of any man.

Don’t be discouraged if the guy you are currently dating is nothing more than a penny stock. The market bears no memories. He might very well be poor only for now. Then again, how can you tell?

Of course not every penny stock is worth investing in. Some are simply hopeless and will never hit it big. Some are purely millionaires in the making.

To spare you from waking up one morning realizing you’ve invested your time, effort and youth for nothing, here’s the rule of thumb I’ve used to sift out good penny stocks.

1. He knows he is good at something. 
Knowing his worth is usually the first step towards wealth creation. Baby-sitting, baking, gardening or whatever so long as he recognizes that the skills he honed are exchangeable for money.

2. He is self-disciplined. 
He has the ability to concentrate on future financial goals without swaying from everyday tasks that will lead him there. No matter how boring or unpleasant.

3. He blames himself, not others. 
He thinks it’s always his fault. Either partially or entirely. It might seem a little sadistic but it’s him actually knowing that he has control over his environment, decisions and ultimately his own future.

4. He lives below his means. 
It doesn’t mean he’s a miser. He chooses to accumulate more wealth rather than to succumb to short-lived pleasures of buying a Rolex or a BMW. Someone in the relationship has to make this sacrifice at the beginning. If not him, who else?

5. He is a doer.
 He doesn’t blabber on and on about how he is going to do something great. He just does it. He doesn’t complain about doing stuff. He just does it.

6. He is extremely curious. 
He takes time and effort to figure out the nuts and bolts of why things work or don’t work. Opportunity sometimes arises when he stumbles upon an unserved niche.

7. He is thick skinned.
 He has the balls to execute his crazy plans. Whatever they may be. Failure doesn’t concern him. Or should I say he isn’t afraid of being laughed at if he didn’t succeed. He repeats 6 and tries again.

Investing in men is largely based on intrinsic value. There is no right or wrong value though. Nothing in life is guaranteed. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some. But when you do win, make sure you win big. If you trust my bogus knowledge about investing, bear in mind that character is key. In fact it is everything to me.

So good luck ladies. May the dating market be forever bullish. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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