Wait For The Guy Who Makes You Feel Like You’re Enough

Toa Heftiba

Dating can be scary and relationships can be downright terrifying especially when you’ve been burned in the past.

From date after date, you’ve no idea what you’ll come across along the way but eventually you can find a beacon of hope — either in yourself or within someone else walking along right beside you.

Maybe this new guy is looking for the same level of honesty as you are, a genuine connection; maybe he’s also looking for something real.

One day he’ll come and you’ll know. This is a good thing.

It’ll scare you but leave you curious to find out more.

Wait for the guy who will make you feel like you’re enough.

He’ll understand you and this struggle to find love.

He’ll be just as nervous as you are on the first date and maybe he’ll open up to you on the second.

He’ll see all the beauty in what you claim to be flaws and he’ll show you that he has them, too.

Wait for the guy who makes you feel safe within the monstrosity of dating.

He’ll make you laugh until your stomach hurts and he’ll keep you smiling even when he’s gone home for the night.

He’ll never make you feel like a burden when you text or call because he’s always happy to hear from you.

He’ll make you wonder if this spark will soon grow into a stronger flame, one that could be too hot to touch; and you’ll begin to think, is this it? Is this the start of something new?

Wait for the guy who’s willing to get to know you, no matter how long it may take.

He’ll tell you he likes you and he’ll lay out all of his cards on the table.

He’ll understand how hard it is for you to open up, but knows you will in time, if he sticks around just long enough to see it.

He’ll never leave you in question because he’ll always have the answer. He wants you to know anything and everything, and he’ll try to understand you the best he can.

Wait for the guy who sees you: not for what you do or what you look like, but for who you are inside.

He’ll read your writing and applaud your authenticity.

He’ll share himself with you in a way that makes you appreciate your raw, honest, vulnerable self even more.

He’ll connect with you on the deepest level he can. He’ll be cautious as to not startle you and he’ll let you know he’s willing to take it as slowly as possible.

Wait for the guy who won’t waste your time but be with you because he wants to be.

He’ll tell you he feels a real connection to you and he’ll remind you of it every time you see each other.

He’ll make plans and stick with them, even when he’s not feeling well and he’ll do whatever he can to make sure you’re enjoying your time together.

He’ll show you that he cares: whether it’s getting home safely or making you feel better when you’ve just had a bad day.

Wait for the guy who makes you feel again.

He’ll remind you of how amazing you are in your career, especially when you can’t seem to believe it yourself.

He’ll give you butterflies in your stomach when he’s around and his kiss will linger on your lips even long after he’s gone home.

When you feel safe with his arms around you, you’ll start to think: I could get used to this. I could get used to him.

Don’t fight it, because you deserve it.

Don’t fear it, because you know you’ve wanted this for a long time.

Wait for the guy who’ll make you feel like you’re enough.

Because you are. You are more than enough.

Don’t settle for anything less. Not unanswered text messages, not gut feelings that make you doubt your almost relationship, not someone who makes you feel less than option rather than a priority.

Be patient. For one day you’ll find the right one.

You won’t know if he’s the right ONE that you’ve been hoping for or just the right one for right now.

Either way, wait for the guy who makes you feel like a strong woman with or without him. The one who will just make sense to you. The one who would make a great addition to your life, but not serve as a purpose.

The one you know you can handle and who is willing to handle you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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