You Waited For Me — And I’m So Happy You Did


As you throw your head back in laughter after my corny attempt at a hilarious joke, I look at you with feelings I never thought I’d ever have again. The feeling of genuine happiness, comfort, and security. I remember when we first met four years ago and it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. From strangers to Facebook friends, we used to attend the same parties and say as little as two words to each other. Today we’ve shared endless conversation over a delicious meal and a bottle of wine.

While I was out gallivanting the streets with the wrong one, you waited your turn. It’s not that I didn’t know you were there. I knew you were. I never realized what this could actually turn into, but when does anyone ever know, right? Sometimes I wish it was you first, not him. Why make me go through all that pain when I could’ve had it right with you all along?

But then I remember that night ­— the party that brought us together leading to the tears I couldn’t hold back and the kiss you refused to keep. Up until that moment, everything I knew about love was burned and broken. Months of unhappiness suddenly turned bright and hopeful. I found myself listening to love songs and restlessly awaiting your text messages. Soon enough our worlds collided when I spent every weekend with your family and my friends knew every little thing about you.

You always knew I was with the wrong one. You knew I was making a mistake and you didn’t do one damn thing about it. I wish I’d had you sooner, but I don’t think we’d be as happy as we are now, and I don’t think I’d appreciate you as much as I do today. It’s hard to believe we used to exchange only a few words to each other and now four years later it’s hard to stop. You waited too long but I’m glad you did.

You’re everything he’s not. Your touch is like the first day of spring after a long winter and your kiss is like the melody of a Michael Buble song. Your hand in mine makes me forget all the others that were there before you and your smile is all I want to see before I close my eyes at night. You make me believe in the impossible and you inspire me to achieve the dreams unimaginable. I constantly want to you to be proud of me because you make me feel so proud of you more and more every day.

I’m glad you were the one to get me out of my funk. You came to the rescue. You made me dance again, you held my hand, you made me feel special and beautiful like I was your Miss Universe. It may have taken a few years and a handful of mistakes, but this moment right now, right here with you, is all I need to believe that love is possible. You remind me that there are good people in this world and that life is something to celebrate every day. No one knows where this road might take us but I’m glad you’re the one I’m sharing this joy ride with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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