Please, Just Let Me Go

Josh Dorazio
Josh Dorazio

Next time you’re bored and your hand reaches for your phone to text me, don’t. Next time you miss me and you want to hear my voice, don’t call. Please don’t send me “throwback” photos or lyrics from songs we used to sing together. Don’t remind me of the nights we spent dancing on rooftops while talking about our future and making promises about forever.

Don’t tell me about all the things that make you think of me. Don’t call me to tell me about your day because just hearing your voice might break my heart. Don’t try to make small talk or jokes to mask the pain. Don’t send me a video every time you hear our song; it’s hard enough to breathe when I hear it on the radio.

Please don’t tell me you love me because I just might say it back. Don’t tell me you miss me because I just might be soft enough in that moment to miss you too. Don’t ask me questions I don’t want to answer. You don’t have to ask to know that I think about you too.

Don’t text me when you need someone to turn to. Don’t expect me to be there for you when you were never there for me.

Please don’t call me when you need a shoulder to cry on; my shoulder is not yours anymore.

Don’t remind me about the love we used to share. I don’t need to be reminded to remember it. I don’t need your voice in my ear to remember the way you made me feel, or the way you sometimes still do.

Please don’t remind me, because I’m trying to forget.

Don’t make me miss you just because you know that you can. I am human; I am not here to boost your ego. Don’t tell me you love me just because you’re scared that I might finally be moving on. Please don’t push harder when you feel me pulling away. Please don’t fight for me, because I’m done fighting for us.

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