One Day, You Will Remember Me

Veronika Balaysuk
Veronika Balaysuk

One day, you’re going to call but I won’t answer.
You will want to remember the sound of my voice but I will have happily forgotten yours.

One day, you’re going to be filled with regret. You’re going to sit down and remember the girl you loved and lost because you were too busy chasing a lifestyle you thought you wanted. A lifestyle filled with faces of women you can’t remember and broken bottles on dimly lit street corners.

One day, you’re going to regret losing me. You’re going to wish you hadn’t let me walk away. You’re going to search for my face in crowds of people and you’re going to wonder what I’m doing. Where I am. Who I’m with.

Your nights will be filled with the memories of us, asking yourself where it all went wrong, reliving the mistakes you made, and wondering if as you lay alone, I lay in the arms of someone else.

One day, your family will ask about me. They will ask you why you pushed me away, and you won’t have an answer. You will look down at the floor as they stare at you in silence. They will ask why they don’t see you smile anymore, why the light in your eyes has vanished.

You’ll miss the way you used to make me laugh. You’ll miss the way I used to look at you – full of love, and hope. You’ll think about the future we once had planned for us – the missed opportunities and the adventures we never took.

One day, you will miss me.
One day, you will remember me, but you will just be a distant memory. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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