14 Types Of Guys You’ll Date In Your Early Twenties

 Michael Ramey
Michael Ramey

1. The Player

You knew his reputation when you started seeing him, but you tried dating him anyway. He’s the guy who has 10 girls on speed dial and calls you all “honey” in order to not get your names confused. He’s proud to be a player and has no intention of changing his ways anytime soon.

2. The Guy You Should Have Stayed Friends With

You’ve been friends with this guy for a while and you get along great, so you start to question whether there could be more to it, and you decide to give it a shot before realizing that you’re better off as friends. Here’s to hoping that realization comes before the friendship is ruined for good.

3. The Co-worker

You sat next to this guy for a few months at work, and flirted innocently over your work IM. After spending an inordinate amount of time together, you decide to drunkenly go for it at your Friday afternoon office happy hour. However, unless you’re Jim and Pam from The Office, this relationship will more than likely end and cause a lot of awkwardness for you and everyone you work with.

4. The Older Guy

This is the guy you date when you decide you need someone more mature. He’s dependable and calls when he says he will, and he usually knows what he wants in a relationship. He seems like a real adult until the novelty wears off and you realize that he’s really not and is very similar to every other guy you have dated.

5. The ‘Great On Paper’ Guy

This guy is great on paper, but not so great in real life. He went to an elite university and graduated with a 4.0 and works a high profile 9-5 job, but being stuck in a room alone with him is your absolute nightmare. He can keep the conversation going for about ten minutes before he starts talking about the weather and you start to mentally plan your escape strategy.

6. The One Who Can’t Make Up His Mind

He loves you one minute, and ignores your calls the next. He wants to be in a relationship, but he isn’t sure. He’s committed, but he’s not. He’s the guy who introduces you to his family and then decides he doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship, but then asks you to move in with him. He changes his mind approximately twenty times a day. After a while, you make up his mind for him and you let him go.

7. The Tinder Guy

You met this guy on an online dating app, and you’re still not sure whether he’s a serial killer or not. You go on a few dates and then realize that the online dating game really isn’t for you and decide to delete your profile…which you then re-activate a few months later after having too many glasses of wine and watching one too many episodes of The Bachelor.

8. The One That Got Away

This is the guy that somehow slipped through your fingers. He’s the ‘what could have been’ guy. Maybe the timing wasn’t right, or you weren’t in the right place, but this is the guy that you still think about from time to time.

9. The Fuckboy

Not to be confused with the player. Unlike the player, the fuckboy pretends to be ready for a relationship when he’s actually not. He’s the guy who will send you “I love you” texts while he’s swiping through Instagram liking other girls’ pictures and chatting them up on the side. He’s unreliable and complete untrustworthy but knows exactly what to say to get you to forgive him, and you’ll fall for it every time until you don’t.

10. The Bro

This guy was probably the president of his fraternity and can be found wearing a tank and a backwards baseball cap and chugging beer every weekend. He probably still thinks it’s cool to do drugs and still goes through life as though he lives in a frat house even though it’s been five years since he graduated college.

11. The ‘Right Now’ Guy

You don’t see a future with this guy but you date him anyway. You usually date this guy after a bad break up or at a time when you aren’t very invested in your love life. You know he’s not the one for you, but you’re comfortable and having fun, so you don’t really care.

12. The One You Think You Can Change

You’re in your early 20s which means you’re still naïve enough to think that you can change someone. This guy is the one who smokes or drinks too much, sleeps around, or has some other habit that you don’t approve of but think you can change, but the reality is that he’s not going to change unless he wants to, and he doesn’t.

13. The Ex

He’s the guy you go back to sometimes even though you know you shouldn’t. You know he’s your ex for a reason but you can’t help but remember the good times and seek out his company when you’re feeling lonely. 9 out of 10 times this doesn’t end well.

14. The One Who Wasn’t The One

This is the guy you fell in love with. He’s the one who convinced you your love would last forever before walking away and breaking your heart. He’s the guy you thought was the one, but wasn’t. It might take time, but sooner or later, you’ll realize you’re happier without him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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