10 Beautiful Poems by AVA That Every Woman Should Read Right Now

Veronika Balasyuk
Veronika Balasyuk


another word for beginning.
another word for revolution.
another word for healing.
another word for being.
another word for me.”


“i am a woman
and i am alone,
and i cannot tell
which one of the two
i love being more.”


“no one needs love from you
more than you need love from you.

love yourself first,
and you will always be in love.”


“love is in my thighs,
this belly,
my eyes.

love is in my speech,
the search,
my cry.

love is myself in the mirror.
i will see love every time.”


“they always told me
i would go somewhere
and i would fall in love.

what they didn’t know
was that i would go far
and i would fall in love with myself.”


“the woman is rain,
and when she falls,
she is a monsoon.

to love her is to drown.”


“i never understood
competition between women.

to me, it’s a lie
someone wants us to believe

i love you.
you’re beautiful.
look how beautiful we are
when we are together.”


“my strength should not threaten you.
my strength is not a threat to your strength.
you are strong.
you are beautiful.
you are lush.
you are powerful.
as you are.
as i am.

imagine the force we would be together
if we lifted each other up.
imagine the force we would be together
if we didn’t tear each other down.”


“i will not hold my tongue
for your ego
or your comfort.

too many have fought
for my right to speak
and still so many
have not learned
how to listen.”


“there is nothing more powerful
than a woman in love

especially when she’s in love with herself.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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