Stop Romanticizing The People Who Hurt You


Stop remembering the good memories. Don’t think about the times they made you laugh, but remember the times they broke you and made you cry. Count the number of sleepless nights, the unanswered text messages, the broken promises, and the shattered dreams.

Stop remembering them as the hero you created in your mind. Remember them as the one who broke your heart.

Realize that you are replacing the reality of them with your memory of them; giving them more credit than they deserve. You’re remembering them as a glorified version of who they were, but this is not their reality.

They are not the person you want them to be. They are not the person you dream about when you go to sleep. They are not the person who swept you off your feet. If they were, they would still be here.

Stop defending them to your friends when they ask.

Stop making excuses for why they hurt you.

Stop waiting for the moment that they will walk through that door and apologize. Because it won’t happen. They walked away and they aren’t coming back. Stop waiting for them at all.

Stop hoping that they will come back to you and realize that you are better without them. Be thankful that they set you free.
Let go of the future you once had planned. Be open to the endless opportunities and the new loves and adventures that will come your way.

Stop loving them. Let them go even though your heart is screaming for you to hold on.

The person you fell in love with is gone, they aren’t there anymore. All that’s left is a shadow, a remembrance, a shell of the person you once loved.

Stop thinking that no one will ever love you the way that they did, because someone will love you better.

Stop romanticizing the people who hurt you. They walked away, and you should too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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