10 Ways To Make Literally Anyone's Day Brighter

10 Ways To Make Literally Anyone’s Day Brighter

Life is hard to manage sometimes. Between busy work days and chaotic schedules to sad days and bitter moments, we could all use a little help once in a while. In moments of melancholy and distress, it’s always nice to hear words of appreciation and admiration. With a simple gesture of a compliment or acknowledgment of hard work you could uplift someone’s mood entirely. It’s true that you never know what someone may be going through, so be kind to everyone you encounter.

Whether it’s a smile or an act of kindness, we all have the ability to make the effort of brightening someone’s day. You might believe that people don’t care to hear your opinion or maybe you assume that you won’t make an impact, but you’re wrong. The smallest deed can mean a whole lot to someone in need of it. We’re all in this together so it’s important that we are here for one another, especially in the midst of the madness happening around us. Don’t wait for a special occasion or event, incorporate kindness in your daily routine.

Here are 10 things that you can say that will instantly warm someone’s heart:

You bring out a really good side of me

Let people know that they make you feel like a better person. It is equally as beneficial for them as it is for you. If they bring out the best in you, be encouraging about because they might be doubting themselves. By expressing to them that they make you a better person, they will feel useful and positive about themselves, which is super important.

You are extremely intellectual

You know that person who seems to be emotionally and intellectually aware of everything? The person who is in tune with their surroundings and seems to have life figured out? Let them know that they’re impressive. Sometimes the smartest people are unaware of their potential.

You did a really good job at _____

When someone completes a task, let them know their efforts did not go unnoticed. Whether the job was easy or difficult, just acknowledge their grind! Any chore completed should be appreciated in order to allow someone to feel accomplished and respected. Just like we praise dogs for sitting down and rolling over, we should do the same for our fellow humans.

You inspire me to ____

It’s so flattering to hear that you’ve inspired someone to do something. As a human we are constantly looking to others for inspiration and motivation, so for someone to hear that they are inspiring someone else is extremely reassuring. This can build self-assurance and motivate them to further inspire others around them.

Every time you smile I can’t help but smile too

Smiles really are contagious and science can back that one up. Telling someone that their smile makes you smile is so gentle and kind, they’re bound to smile even harder—and then so will you. It’s like an endless loop of big happy smiles, what could be brighter than that?

You are more attractive than you realize

Whether you want to modify this to say, “you’re more handsome than you realize” or “you’re prettier than you think,” you’re acknowledging their looks and their modesty. Anyone would be taken aback by this compliment (in the best way possible). Yes, looks aren’t everything, but it doesn’t hurt to appreciate them. If they have pretty eyes, share it with them. If you admire their hair, let them know. People tend to think some pretty vile things of their appearance, try to turn it around for them.

You have a great outlook on life

In a sometimes-negative world it gets hard to have a positive perspective on a lot of things. Those people who have an alternative viewpoint on negative situations are the people you need to surround yourself with. Positive thinking doesn’t always come easy and sometimes takes an abundance of courage. Tell people that you are fascinated by their uplifting attitude and that it encourages you to see things in a different light. They’ll feel more confident in their point of view.

Your strength is empowering

You can word it however you’d like but be sure to recognize someone’s strength—physical or emotional, whatever suits them. It takes a lot of nerve to build strength within your mind, body, and spirit. Just because someone may seem strong doesn’t mean they don’t have moments of weakness. Emphasize their power and let them know it’s remarkable.

I really appreciate your friendship

You’ll never know when someone is feeling alone or unappreciated. It’s valuable to give hints that you are grateful for their presence and friendship. Spread the word of gratitude, it has a pretty magical effect on everyone involved. Not only is this compliment comforting and supportive, but it can make a friendship bond even stronger.

I’m here to listen if you need to talk

Not all compliments need to be direct. By letting someone know that you’re there for them if they need you is an indirect way of showing them that you care. Even if you don’t have valuable advice, just listening to someone’s problems can provide them with some sort of relief. To show you care is a vital representation of respect and appreciation. Sometimes these are the loudest kinds of compliments that have the most influence on a person.

As effortless as compliments may be, they can really sustain a person. Sometimes the best praises are the ones that acknowledge the unexpected. Another thing you can say to make people feel special is use their name in sentences, to make it a little more personal. Words are powerful; they can provide people with a little dose of happiness. Not only that, but they can help enhance someone’s confidence and self-worth. This is rewarding for them, but also for yourself. It feels good to help others feel good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark