33 Things We Need To Stop Saying To Women With Zero Interest In Getting Married


1. “I mean, why not just do things right?”

2. “You would be SUCH a beautiful bride.”

3. “You guys should just go for it.”

4. “Do it for your parents!”

5. “Don’t you want to make your mom and dad happy?”

6. “Wouldn’t you want your own daughter to get married?”

7. “Marriage is the cornerstone of society.”

8. “You don’t have to have a traditional wedding or anything.”

9. “You can always elope, and then throw a party for friends and family back home…”

10. “Have you thought about just running down to City Hall one day?”

11. “Don’t you want to be able to call each other ‘husband’ and ‘wife’?”

12. “When did you become so anti everything?”

13. “My wedding day was the best day of my life. Don’t you want that for yourself?”

14. “Why NOT play princess for a day?”

15. “You deserve to be married.”

16. “Why won’t he just get down on one knee already?”

17. “Don’t you want to be proposed to? To be engaged? To experience all those major life milestones?”

18. “I’ll plan your bridal shower! And your bachelorette! You won’t have to do a thing except show up.”

19. “There’s nothing wrong with tradition, you know.”

20. “Getting married doesn’t automatically make you a conventional prude.”

21. “There’s really no better way to get a sense of security these days.”

22. “If there are any financial concerns, you can always get a prenup.”

23. “I mean, aren’t you scared he’ll just leave you high and dry one day?”

24. “If not for yourselves, tie the know for your future kids!”

25. “Aren’t you concerned about what your kids will think one day?”

26. “What if your kids get picked on at school because their mommy and daddy aren’t married???”

27. “Just get it over with already!”

28. “Don’t you want what everyone else has?”

29. “Be honest, is the whole not getting married thing his idea, or yours?”

31. “Don’t you want to celebrate your love?”

32. “I just think it’s really important to exchange vows in front of a crowd. It validates your relationship in a way.”

32. “You guys would make the cutest couple at the altar.”

30. “You don’t have to have bridesmaids…” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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