17 Brutal Truths You Need To Accept If You Want To Lead A Happier Life


1. Even the least boring people lead mostly boring lives.

2. Even the most accomplished people face plenty of hard times.

3. Even if you do meaningful work, you will find yourself hungering for more.

4. Even once you’ve found yourself, you won’t always feel self-confident and secure.

5. Even if you’ve found your soulmate, your relationship will prove challenging sometimes.

6. Even your forever person will disappoint you on occasion.

7. Even if you’ve found your calling, you will find yourself reevaluate everything.

8. Even the most successful people fail now and again.

9. Even once you’ve achieved life balanced, you will have to rework things again and again.

10. Even if you’re in great health, you will have to work hard at maintaining it.

11. Even if you’re kind, there’s always more to do.

12. Even if you’re generous, there’s always more to give.

13. Even if you feel content, something’s bound to rattle your world.

14. Even if you feel in control, you never really are.

15. Even if you’re loved by many, you are vulnerable to pain.

16. Even if you can honestly claim to love your life, that feeling is probably temporary.

17. Even if you’ve figured everything out, the truth is that you haven’t, really. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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