You’re Not Really A 20-Something Until You Make These 27 Micro Mistakes

Twenty20, @eimyfig
Twenty20, @eimyfig

1. Hooking up with a f*ckboy.

2. Convincing yourself for a minute that you might actually be the girl who changes said f*ckboy.

3. Bothering to question why a f*ckboy doesn’t want to be with you, as if the idiot were even capable of appreciating your awesomeness.

4. Quadruple texting a f*ckboy, even after it’s clear that he’s ghosting you.

5. Getting your heart broken by a f*ckboy.

6. Crying over a f*ckboy who doesn’t deserve your tears.

7. Hooking up with another f*ckboy, even though you know it’s a terrible idea and you’ve sworn that you’ll never make that mistake, like, ever again.

8. Splurging on a new outfit because you really want to look hot even though your bank account balance tells you it’s a horrible idea to buy anything right now.

9. Feeling jealous of someone in the same field who’s further along in their career than you are.

10. Assuming success will come to you eventually, just because you’re talented.

11. Failing to understand the value of hard work in all aspects of life, including romance.

12. Drunk texting or drunk posting something to social media that you immediately regret the second you wake up the next morning.

13. Gossiping about something without realizing that the potential repercussions just aren’t worth it.

14. Accepting a second or third date with a guy you don’t really like because you feel like you SHOULD like him. Or because you want to be the kind of girl who COULD like him.

15. Saying ‘yes’ to one more drink even though you’re already well past wasted.

16. Taking a shot when you know it’ll lead you to black out.

17. Going out when you really don’t feel like it because FOMO.

18. Staying out way longer than you should because FOMO.

19. Running up credit card debt without thinking much about those crippling annual charges because you figure you’ll get your shit together…one day.

20. Falling for the latest fad diet or juice cleanse.

21. Trying a crash diet of any kind precisely one week before a beach vacation because you think you need to lose weight or you want a ‘bikini body.’

22. Beating yourself up for skipping a workout, as if it matters in the grander scheme.

23. Spending way too much money on groceries because you can’t be bothered to pay attention to things like price tags.

24. Overdrawing your checking account. Again.

25. Assuming that you have to travel just because you’re young.

26. Fearing that it’s all downhill once you hit 30.

27. Trusting that you’ll reach an age at which the stars will align and you’ll feel like you’ve finally got your shit together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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