Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Social Media Platform

H Influencer Collective / Alivia Latimer
H Influencer Collective / Alivia Latimer


You’re a total sweetheart, a genuinely kind soul happy to play the role of nurturer in a relationship. Above all, you crave a serious, meaningful connection and you aren’t afraid to make yourself vulnerable to get there, sharing all your deepest secrets earlier than most. The thing is, you would rather be your authentic self from day one and put everything out there—all your hopes, dreams, fears, and thoughts about Donald Trump’s hair—than pretend to be someone you’re not. If they don’t like it, so be it! A serial monogamist by nature, you’ve never really been into one-night-stands or casual relationships, and you probably never even went through a bad boy phase. Almost relationships are your personal nightmare.


When you develop a crush, you’re totally unabashed about making sure the object of your affection knows about it. In a relationship, you never hesitate to express how you feel, even if that means being the first to drop an L-bomb. You feel things to the extreme, and you embrace that about yourself, encouraging your significant other to be equally straightforward about the emotions they experience day-to-day. The guys that go for you typically fall fast and hard because you give them your all from minute one—jumping all the way in because you figure why not? Life’s too short not to seize every chance at true love. You’d rather be forthcoming and see what unfolds than miss out. Though a bit erratic, you’re mostly fun to date, always urging your boyfriends to try new things and pushing them to take on new challenges and pursue adventures alongside you. Loving you is a privilege—and you know it!


Your beaming smile is usually the first thing that attracts the opposite sex, and your ability to stay positive is a large part of why everyone who falls for you speaks in hyperboles about how much they adore you. Even on your down days, you manage to add a colorful filter to most situations, transforming the banal into something more vivid and interesting or at the very least, educational. You are literally the light in the life of those you choose (very carefully) to date. Your one requirement in is trust rooted in brutal honesty, as you thrive when you feel safe—when there’s clarity about what you are or aren’t as a couple, and you can envision each relationship phase as a series of themes, one seamlessly melting into the next as you scroll through life.


You’re tough to predict, and that’s exactly what guys like about you. Strong-willed and highly sociable, you can’t help offering an opinion on just about everything, totally unafraid to say exactly what you think. You might not always think everything through, which can lead to heated arguments with your significant other, whom you’re bound to piss off and/or offend now and again, but you’re not too proud to listen and learn and/or delete a misguided Tweet when absolutely necessary. You’ve had more than a few hyper-passionate romances that fizzled super quickly, and your long-term relationships (when you actually enter into them) tend to be volatile, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.


You don’t like to be bored, but you’re self-aware enough to understand that and you’re very resourceful. You know how to sift through a pool of dudes to find the eligible ones, and you’re not afraid to put the work in to lock one down if you’re in a relationship state of mind. You’ve been known to manage multiple online dating profiles simultaneously, allowing you to efficiently weed out meh candidates and zero in on the gems. In a relationship, you’re the type who takes the time to really get to know a guy, peeling back every single layer and diving head first to his core. You’re committed to tuning into your boyfriend’s every channel, essentially, intent on discovering what lies beneath and what no one else can see. Dating you is thus an exercise in self-realization, because as you get closer to a guy, he’s forced to come to terms with all of his hidden wants, dreams, and desires.


It might take you longer than most to open up, but once you do, you go deep. You’re somewhat shy (not really the type to make the first move), but you’re not at all reserved once you feel comfortable. You will convey your needs and desires—if not out loud, via email or carefully crafted texts and comments on social. Since you’re perfectly happy being alone, getting lost in your own head, you’re reluctant to date unless there’s the potential for something to become truly special. You have high standards and a solid sense of what you want in a mate and you refuse to settle for less, even if that means staying single for awhile.


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