You’re Not Really A Couple Until You Say These 36 Ridiculous Things To Each Other

Twenty20, @raex
Twenty20, @raex

1. “Other couples can’t possibly love each other this much.”

2. “If you ever die, I’ll kill you.”

3. “You’re even better than I could’ve dreamed.”

4. “I’d give up the fork utensil for good just to be with you.”

5. “Your body really is a wonderland.”

6. “How’d we get so damn lucky?”

7. “I love the way you drool.”

8. “Let’s die holding hands.”

9. “I love you so much, I want to punch myself in the face sometimes.”

10. “Let’s never do anything with anyone but each other ever again.”

11. “I’d rather have syphilis than spend another day without you.”

12. “We must be the happiest two people in the world.”

13. “You’re seriously all I need.”

14. “You are my oxygen.”

15. “Without you, I’m nothing.”

16. “I love you so much it hurts like hell.”

17. “Can we be us forever?”

18. “If you ever cheat, I’ll kill them and I’ll kill you too.”

19. “You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever known.”

20. “Before we met, I had no idea a human being could be so perfect.”

21. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

22. “You’re my forever person, and I’m yours.”

23. “Every time you smile, my heart melts.”

24. “Your touch soothes my soul.”

25. “You’re an angel.”

26. “I ooze true love when I’m around you.”

27. “I need you to hug me right this second.”

28. “Let’s do naughty things to each other.”

29. “Tell me I’m your everything.”

30. “Thanks to you, I understand what it means to make love.”

31. “You leave me speechless.”

32. “I just want to sit here and watch you be you.”

33. “Finally. You.”

34. “If I believe in God, I’d thank Him for you.”

35. “Every day is better, now that we’re together.”

36. “It’s really like we were made for each other.” TC mark

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You look back and you just feel stupid.
You can’t forgive yourself for falling
or believing all the lies.
You reread every text.
You relive every memory.
And it all starts making sense —
he never wanted love.
He only wanted attention.
He only wanted validation.

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