23 Micro ‘Firsts’ That Are So Much Better Than Anything Sexual


1. When you stop thinking twice about the exact wording of every text or hesitating before hitting send because you’re past the point of all that nonsense.

2. When your partner actually picks up the phone and calls you with nothing to say other than “How’s your day?”

3. When your partner introduces you to someone they know as their girlfriend or boyfriend and you sigh with relief that you’re on the exact same page.

4. When the very mention of your partner’s name makes you smile wide and your stupid happy look doesn’t go unnoticed by the person who inquired.

5. When you witness something hilarious and your first thought is that you wish you partner was there to experience the awesomeness with you.

6. When literally everything starts to remind you of your significant other in some small but important way.

7. When your significant other chooses to hang out with you instead of doing something they love with a friend and you can’t help feeling like you’ve kind of won.

8. When you find yourself declining an invitation to do something fun because you’d honestly rather be with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

9. When you come home earlier than expected and you can see and feel your significant other’s sincere delight at the chance to spend yet more time in your presence.

10. When you catch them staring at you with those crazy eyes that basically say, “I adore you and I’m yours for good.”

11. When you can poop at their place without a care because you know that lingering icky scent will probably be viewed as endearing.

12. When you start sniffing them whenever you can because doing so leads to the most amazing comfort high.

13. When the simple act of wearing their t-shirt or sleeping on their side of the bed brings you such deep satisfaction.

14. When you catch someone checking your partner out randomly and your immediate reaction reflects a degree of jealousy you’ve never before experienced before because you’re that invested in your relationship and you’ll do whatever it takes to protect it.

15. When you overhear your significant other describing your relationship in a super positive way to a friend or coworker.

16. When that first couple-y photo of you goes live on social and your heart flutters a little with every single like it generates.

17. When you start calling each other “babe,” or, better yet, some weird petname specific to your relationship.

18. When a big night out goes horribly wrong but you just don’t care because you’d rather go home and chill together instead.

19. When you overhear your significant other on the phone with their mom or dad and you can tell they just asked about you, which means that you’re officially part of the parent-child catch-up conversation.

20. When a friend or family member comments on the fact that you seem so damn happy these days and you know it’s because you’ve finally found your forever person.

21. When you’re forced to spend time apart and you realize just how much less fun literally everything is without them.

22. When “I love you” starts to seem insufficient in articulating just how much you treasure your connection so you start saying grandiose things like “you are my world” instead.

23. When their place starts to feel as much (or more) like home as yours, so the only reasonable thing to do is cohabit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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