You’re Not Really A Couple Until You Face These 27 Micro Struggles

Twenty20, b.florence
Twenty20, b.florence

1. When neither of you can figure out what to eat because there’s nothing in the refrigerator and you really shouldn’t spend money and the whole situation frustrates you both to no end.

2. When you just can’t agree on where to eat or what type of food to order after resigning yourselves to the cold hard reality that paying for food is your only option at this point.

3. When you can’t see eye to eye on how to spend a weekend afternoon together and the bickering over what to do escalates to the point that you’d rather not even hang out with each other at all that day.

4. When you promise to wake up early and work out together “as a team” but only one of you makes it out of bed at 6am while the other sleeps in.

5. When one person desperately wants to have sex but the other person is legitimately exhausted.

6. When someone swears they’ll make time for some naked play before work the next morning but once the alarm clock sounds and their mind starts racing it seems totally unreasonable to squeeze it in.

7. When selecting a vacation destination becomes a brutal clash between what’s more worthwhile: relaxing on the beach or really experiencing another culture.

8. When the ice trays remain empty for weeks on end because neither party will give in and take on the annoying task of refilling them.

9. When one person mentions their ex a little too fondly, leading the other to tumble down the jealousy rabbit hole and squander precious time and mental energy questioning EVERYTHING.

10. When one person storms out of the house mid-fight instead of hanging around to resolve things peacefully—like adults.

11. When you both feel like the other is hitting below the belt during an argument so you both sink lower and lower until things get really dark.

12. When one person splurges and the other’s resentful because they do some math and quickly determine that their partner spends way more than they do overall and they’re kind of tired of being the only financially responsible one in the relationship.

13. When one person is in the mood for quiet time and the other’s dying to party their face off.

14. When you can’t stop fighting over who should shower first on a morning when you’re both pressed for time so you end up spending several crucial minutes arguing instead of negotiating a reasonable plan of attack.

15. When one person can’t snap out of their meh mood and the other is so damn happy for no apparent reasons and your emotional states are destined to clash until things normalize for both of you.

16. When you’re both convinced that the other person’s responsible for the mysterious crack that appears in a plate or a bowl or some other fragile object.

17. When you can’t seem to figure out how to divide your time between families over the holidays without getting berated or guilt-tripped by your respective parents.

18. When one person makes a promise to another person’s mother about attending some future family get together without consultation.

19. When someone makes an important career related decision on their own, leaving the other to feel as if they’re opinion isn’t truly valued.

20. When someone accidentally puts a dry-clean only piece of clothing belonging to their significant other in the washer.

21. When someone spills something and no one’s in the mood to clean up the mess or to deal with the consequences of whatever’s stained or damaged.

22. When you find yourselves disagreeing vehemently about a current event or political candidate, and then you both silently wonder if you’re really that compatible.

23. When someone posts of couple-y photo to social media without express permission and the other person demands its immediate removal but it already has so many likes.

24. When someone’s paying too much attention to their phone and the other person’s reduced to nagging.

25. When one person forgets that you have plans one night and double books themselves “accidentally” because they too lazy or disrespectful to just check the calendar.

26. When one person makes an offhanded remark about how tough relationships are or how unreasonable monogamy is and their pragmatic commentary doesn’t sit well with the other.

27. When one person’s ready to take things to the next level but the other’s legitimately scared for whatever reason, even though they’re equally happy and in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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