19 Ways To Micro-Flirt So You Can Drive Him Crazy (Without Even Getting Naked)

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1. Act touchy-feely with your best girlfriends in front of him—hold their hands, braid their hair, pinch them, and hug them tightly. Even the slightest hint of girl-on-girl action will pique his interest.

2. If he catches you doing anything at all naughty—daydreaming in class or biting your nails—stick your tongue out at him for a split second.

3. Stretch in plain sight, accentuating every move as much as possible. Everyone looks hot when they maneuver their body like a dancer would to warm up. So reach far into the sky or bend over randomly and hug a leg. Stretching is a great way to stand out from the crowd and to prove that you’re fit and flexible while you’re at it.

4. Invite him to join you for coffee, ice cream, or lunch with a larger group as if it’s an afterthought when in reality you’ve rehearsed that last minute group date invite at least a dozen times.

5. Let him catch you staring at him, but as soon as he notices avert your eyes playfully. Repeat. It’s a tactic as old as Time—cause it works.

6. Bite your bottom lip. It’s an unquestionably adorable look and easy to execute in any setting.

7. If he says something at all flirtatious or designed to provoke, shove him a little. Any opportunity to make physical contact in an asexual way is worth seizing.

8. Tell him that you like something he’s wearing or his new haircut in passing, offering a subtle trace of evidence that you’re paying attention.

9. Tell him a hilarious feminist joke specifically designed to push a man’s buttons.

10. “Accidentally” say something slightly sexual. Not-so-innocent words like “balls” and “nuts” are particularly helpful here.

11. Alternatively, let him overhear you describe a sexy dream to a girlfriend in hushed whispers. It doesn’t even need to be downright dirty to get him thinking.

12. If you do something ridiculous like accidentally drool or trip while walking, embrace how silly you look. Everyone loves someone who go with the flow and giggle at life’s little mishaps instead of getting upset.

13. Do something to establish that you’re good at having fun and ensuring that everyone else does, too. Consider starting a karaoke competition or organizing an impromptu game of Never Have I Ever or Truth or Dare at the next party you’re both at.

14. Tease him, ever so gently, in a way that’s more complimentary than offensive. For instance, if he kills it at a presentation, try something like “I guess that high-priced education was well worth it.”

15. Laugh with abandon. Don’t worry about what your cackle sounds like, or whatever weird face you might be making while you crack up. Demonstrate that you’re someone who enjoys life—face contortions, snorting and all.

16. Play with your hair. Take your time as you put it up into a ponytail, or graze the ends against your lips while you stare out the window, lost in thought but fully aware that he’s glancing your way.

17. Wear pigtails.

18. When you dance, let yourself get lost in the music. Don’t think. Move. Grind your hips, dip, and twerk like crazy. Make him ache to join you on the d-floor, whether or not he has the guts to in the moment.

19. Never underestimate the power of a well-timed wink. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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