24 PG-13 Relationship Moments That Are So Much Hotter Than Getting It On

Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

1. When you catch your significant other staring at you from across the room and you can sense that they’re filled with the utmost respect, appreciation, and love for you.

2. When they hold your hand as you walk down the street, squeezing it every so often as if whispering I love you again and again.

3. When they place their finger to their lips and ask you to be silent for a minute so they can tell you at length just how much—and why—they love you.

4. When being apart starts to feel like you’re missing a part of yourself—not because you need your partner to survive, necessarily, but because everything is just better when they’re around.

5. When they say something hilarious only you can understand because the punchline is an inside joke, rooted in an unforgettable experience you’ve shared as a couple.

6. When they approach you from behind and start massaging your neck and back purely to be kind, not necessarily as an attempt at foreplay (even if things do lead to lovemaking).

7. When you walk through the door after a long day and your boyfriend or girlfriend is waiting right there, clearly aching to tend to your every need and to hear every detail about how things went.

8. When it’s too hot to spoon but you want to feel connected, flesh to flesh, so you tuck your hands beneath each other’s butt cheeks as you fall asleep.

9. When you wake from a terrible nightmare only to realize that you’re safe and sound, lying right next to the love of your life who will surely protect you from all those zombies.

10. When you’re having the worst day ever but your partner manages—through heartfelt attentiveness and thorough knowledge of who you are—to make you crack a smile and forget about your troubles.

11. When they tell you, firmly, that you’ll always be beautiful in their eyes and you know deep down that they sincerely mean it, so you can relax already and soak in the flattery.

18. When you realize that you’re capable of spending hours on end together in silence, fully satisfied just to be in each other’s company, absorbing each other’s positive energy.

13. When you’re in a weird mood so you rope your significant other into acting ridiculous and you both end up laughing out loud, feeling insanely grateful to be best friends (and playmates).

14. When they compliment you on a day you’re feeling a little insecure and you realize that they think the world of you—and that nothing else really matters at all.

15. When they turn the music up, grab your hand, and draw you into the center of the room for an impromptu dance and the whole thing is way more fun than any night out at the club.

16. When they go out of their way to surprise you—by doing a tedious errand so you don’t have to, or leaving a simple little love note for you to discover—and every bone in your body confirms just how lucky you are to have found someone so caring.

17. When you exchange apologies after a fight and end up competing with each other to undo the acute hurt only lover’s can cause each other.

18. When you realize it’s been several hours since you first started talking because time really does go faster when you’re with someone you truly adore.

19. When your partner insists on helping you in some tiny, meaningful way—whether they sidle up next to you in the kitchen to chop vegetables, or remove your jacket and shoes for you—because they want so much to enhance every aspect of your life.

20. When they put their ear to your chest so they can hear your heartbeat and then start tapping, ever so gently, to the rhythm of blood pumping through your body.

21. When they start singing to you randomly and every soulful word out of their mouth feels like the promise of a happy life together.

22. When you can sense by the way they hold themselves as they introduce you to friends and family that they’re truly proud to be standing at your side.

23. When you look into each other’s eyes and so much is said without vocalizing a single word, or making a sound.

24. When they start speaking of the future, painting a vivid picture of what your life together will look like, and you can’t help feeling incredibly relieved to have found the person you can do forever with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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