21 Tiny Moments Of Pure Joy You Can Only Experience In A Happy, Healthy Relationship


1. When your significant other mentions the future as if it’s assumed that you’ll still be together and the reassurance that they’re just as committed as you are is more comforting than a warm, snuggly blanket on a frigid day.

2. When your boyfriend or girlfriend compliments the feature or personality trait you’re kind of insecure about and you realize that you really are beautiful just as you are in their eyes.

3. When they comment that you look nice even though you definitely don’t because they honestly don’t care what you’re wearing, or how disheveled your hair is.

4. When the person you love refers to losing you as the worst thing that could possibly happen to them and you can sense in your heart that the sentiment’s entirely genuine.

5. When your significant other says something dismissive about his or her ex and you can’t help doing a little internal jig because what you have is so much more special than all of their past relationships combined.

6. When your partner tags you in a post on social and you can’t help feeling insanely flattered that they’re so willing to own their affection publicly.

7. When you walk through the door to find your significant other making a home-cooked meal so you don’t have to think twice about what you’re going to eat, prepare, or order for dinner that night.

8. When your boyfriend or girlfriend confesses that they’re aching to cancel your existing plans and stay in and that’s all you want at that exact same moment in life too.

9. When you’re not looking your best but they can’t stop pawing at you anyway because they’re so damn attracted to you and they want you that badly—in any way, shape, or form.

10. When your significant other confesses to thinking about you while masturbating, or having a naughty dream starring you and you can’t help feeling hot AF as a result.

11. When they request a sext midday because nothing turns them on quite like you—not even porn.

12. When you wake up to the gentle tickle of your significant other’s nails against your lower back, understanding that they want morning sex and you couldn’t be happier to oblige.

13. When your partner is in the mood to watch the exact same kind of movie or TV show as you so you don’t have to worry about making your case for the program with a questionable Rotten Tomatoes rating that you’re dying to see anyway.

14. When they automatically squeeze your hand a little during romantic scenes because they associate you with all that lustful, passionate, love-dovey stuff.

15. When your significant other is clearly in the mood to STFU and enjoy some quiet time, and you know you can sit together in silence without feeling at all awkward because you really are that compatible.

16. When you catch yourself hurting for no reason other than the fact that your partner is hurting and you realize just how connected you are—emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

17. When, after a fight, you realize that you can get through anything as a couple because you’re equally devoted to reaching resolutions and moving forward.

18. When you find yourself pledging to do something better, not just for yourself, but also because you want to do right by your significant other.

19. When you find yourself missing them intensely after just a few hours of separation because you sincerely prefer doing almost everything together and you don’t care if that makes you co-dependent.

20. When your boyfriend or girlfriend mentions offhandedly that they want to build a family with you and you can sense that they really do mean what they’re saying.

21. When they declare their intention to stand by your side no matter what, and you know in your heart that you’ve discovered a true partner in life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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