19 Signs You’ve Finally Found The Quality Guy You So Deserve

Twenty20, LPKPHOTO
Twenty20, LPKPHOTO

1. They don’t need a special occasion to remind you that you’re loved, so the surprises come when you least expect them, not necessarily on birthdays or anniversaries, which makes them that much awesomer.

2. You regularly discover little love notes—tucked inside your wallet, stuck to your computer, or hidden within a pile of sweaters—because they genuinely love the idea of making you smile from a distance.

3. When forced to spend time apart, they tell you honestly how much they miss you and actually call just to hear your voice.

4. You regularly experience moments that make you feel like you’re starring in a romantic comedy, and you count your blessings every single time, realizing that this kind of guy is hard to come by.

5. They’re way too evolved to consider feelings unmanly, so they express them openly, without shame or concern about sounding too corny.

6. You even catch them crying sometimes, and they don’t feel inclined to apologize or dismiss their tears. If anything, they understand that emotions are the stuff real life is made of.

7. They respect women—not just you, but their mother, sister, aunts, and every single female they happen to encounter.

8. They don’t trash talk ex-girlfriends, taking responsibility instead for their role in every previous, failed relationship. Still, they manage to convey that you are far more special than any of your predecessors.

9. They regard your professional goals as no more or less significant than theirs because you are truly an equal in their eyes, with equally important life objectives.

10. They lean on you more than anyone else because they value your opinions. When seeking advice, input, or support, you’re always the first person they approach.

11. When they disagree with you, they do so with grace and not with derision, aggression, or dismissiveness.

12. They’re insanely attracted to you in all shapes and forms, so you catch them staring at you constantly in a way that says “I’m in awe of this woman,” and not “I want sex,” necessarily.

13. You also catch them snapping pictures of you, sometimes when you feel totally unsexy, because they think otherwise. “You’re beautiful,” they assure when you can’t see it.

14. On any given day, they would so much rather look at those photos of you than watch Internet porn.

15. When it comes to sex, they firmly believe that your satisfaction is as important as theirs, so they do everything in their power to give you the utmost pleasure.

16. That said, they know that your body is your own, and that hooking up with you is a privilege, not something they’re entitled to.

17. Their vocabulary is free of offensive, anti-feminist language. They don’t refer to women as “pussies” or “cunts,” and they don’t ditch you at the last minute to hang out with the guys, shrugging “bros before hos” or some other kind of nonsense.

18. If anything, they cancel plans with friends to spend more time with you, happily abandoning their crew for a few extra hours with their boo.

19. Whenever you’re out together, you can sense just how proud they are to be at your side—from the way they introduce you to others, find excuses to boast about your achievements, and set you up to shine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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