17 Relationship Realities That Are Actually Refreshing When You’re With The Right Person


1. You’re only going to sleep with one other person for as long as you’re together (maybe even the rest of your lives), but you’re both committed to keeping it hot so whatever.

2. You’ll never be single again, but being coupled up is better than being able to hook up with whoever you want on a random night when you consider the logistical perks of a long-term relationship, like never having to brainstorm who you’ll bring as a plus-one to an event, and rarely having to play solitaire.

3. You will have to compromise on so many things—like which throw pillows to purchase, which shows to watch, and what to eat for dinner—but it’s nice to make your lover happy so you won’t actually mind so much.

4. You will rarely, if ever, get to sleep stretched out like a starfish in bed because your significant other will be right next to you almost every night, taking up space and maybe stealing the covers. Inevitably, however, you’ll grow to appreciate their warm body, even when it interferes with your sacred z’s.

5. Some people will think of you primarily as one half of a couple, asking questions like “What are you guys up to this weekend?” as if you come as a package. Thankfully, you’re no longer so precious about your individual identity.

6. Others will think of you only in the context of your boyfriend or husband because they knew him first or know him better. They’ll probably even forget your name altogether. You won’t care because you like being associated with such an amazing person.

7. Even you will start to think of yourself as part of a duo instead of an individual, automatically merging your identity with your significant other’s when you consider what groceries to buy or how to spend your free time. Luckily, it’s a team you like being on.

8. When forced to spent time apart, you’ll miss your partner like crazy and kind of wonder what happened to the independent person you once were, but also kind of love the fact that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

9. You will not be able to escape fighting with the person you love, but the worst arguments, you’ll realize, are opportunities for personal growth and growth as a couple. They will force you to take ownership of your errors and try to do better moving forward, which is a good thing for you and your relationship.

10. You are both going to make mistakes, big and small, which means certain disappointment and pain. But it also means that you get to exercise your forgiveness muscles and become more emotionally mature people along the way, and a more resilient couple.

11. The person who knows you the best is best equipped to hurt you, which is a beautiful thing if you think about it.

12. The possibility of heartbreak will make you feel constantly vulnerable on some level, but it will also make you feel so very alive.

13. Most of the choices you make in life will impact not just you but your partner, too. That can be a scary thought until you realize that you have someone to lean on hardcore when shit goes down and you need someone you can trust.

14. You will be another person’s sounding board whenever they feel like venting, even if you’re not in the mood for all that negativity. But that’s okay, because the deal’s reciprocal, and it’s nice to have someone to listen when you’re the one in the tough spot.

15. You’ll be your partner’s go-to call in all emergency situations, which can be highly inconvenient. But it’s also highly reassuring to be able to write your lover’s name in that number one contact slot on forms with the utmost confidence that you’ll always be in good hands.

16. One of you will eventually die before the other, and the idea of being left alone sucks royally. And yet, you’re lucky to care so deeply about someone that this thought it seriously upsetting.

17. If you’re the one left behind on Earth, you might just die of a broken heart, which could be one of Life’s greatest privileges. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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