13 Guys In Long-term Relationships Reveal What It Takes To Resist Temptation

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Emily & Steve Photography

1. “Yes, I am tempted to have sex with other women once in awhile. I don’t do it because I’m not an asshole and I’m madly in love with my girlfriend.” — Martin, 31

2. “There’s always a critical moment when you can either let yourself fall down the rabbit hole, or pull back. The trick is recognizing that moment and slamming on the breaks as fast as possible. What I do is remember the smile on my fiancée’s face the day I proposed to her. Works every time.” — Nick, 34

3. “It’s simple, really: The more often I get laid at home, the easier it is for me to resist temptation. I explained that to my girlfriend early on, and she’s good about meeting my sexual needs. She’s never denied me sex, probably because she gets that there’s a direct benefit to her if she makes sure I don’t leave the house feeling horny AF.” — Jim, 27

4. “My girlfriend is the best at sexting. She sends me the dirtiest texts whenever we’re apart—some with photos, some with naughty little stories—and that keeps me focused on her and our sex life and all times, even when we’re not physically together.” — Philip, 25

5. “This is weird, but every time I feel turned on when I don’t want to be, I think about my grandmother’s vagina. I’ve never actually seen grandma’s vag, but the thought of it is a total boner killer.” — Curtis, 22

6. “I’m a boob guy. I can’t even sit through a movie scene with a topless chick in it without getting a semi. So if a large breasted woman hits on me, of course it’s incredibly hard to resist messing around with her. My strategy is twofold: I avoid strip clubs, and I jerk off at least once a week to a titty fucking porno so I get the boob thing out of my system proactively.” — Ty, 29

7. “I’m a feminist, and what stops me from straying is the awareness that I would be a total wreck if my girlfriend ever cheated on me. If you want to be equals, you have to take each other’s feeling into consideration equally.” — Juan, 29

8. “Just last week, this hot girl at work was flirting with me like crazy, even though she knows I’m in a relationship. I flirted back, but I draw the line at physical contact. When you start getting touchy-feely, that’s when things become too hard to control, so I don’t go there and I’m all good.” — Ulich, 33

9. “Whenever I find myself in a questionable situation, I think of my daughter. I don’t want her to be cheated on, so I have to behave the way I’d expect her future boyfriends to act. Otherwise, I’m just an animal and a hypocrite.” — Michael, 35

10. “My girlfriend and I have filmed so many little pornos that I don’t need other women. I’ve got a vast archive of sexy photos and videos I can always watch if I’m feeling horny and my girlfriend’s not around. Nothing turns me on more than my girlfriend’s beautiful body.” — Alex, 27

11. “Summer is the toughest time of year for me, when girls parade around in their short little skirts and dresses. I can’t help picturing every single woman I meet naked. I’ve been doing it since I turned 10. That’s actually how I avoid doing anything inappropriate. I create these elaborate fantasies in my mind, and doing that prevents me from being unfaithful in reality.” — Ezra, 23

12. “Relationships that last are based on trust. Both people have to make sacrifices for each other regularly and not having sex with other people is one of those sacrifices. It’s not that complicated, really.” — Damien, 30

13. “My dad had a ton of affairs, and it really hurt my mom. So whenever I feel even a little bit attracted to another woman, I channel mom. I think of everything she went through and I remember the kind of man she raised me to be—a good man who respects women in general, and especially the love of his life.” — JP, 32 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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