19 Unmistakable Signs You Are Your Own Damn Soulmate

Wendy Liu
Wendy Liu

1. You don’t need someone else to see the beauty in your flaws because you can see it for yourself, thank you very much.

2. Ditto goes to appreciating your own less than awesome personality traits, and every single quirk that defines you. You know that you’re human and complicated and weird—and that that’s okay!

3. You know that you’re bound to make mistakes. But you also know how to forgive yourself.

4. When someone cancels on you, you’re never all that mad because you’re perfectly happy spending a night at home, all by yourself. You don’t need someone special to mark every special occasion, let alone a regular weekend night.

5. You manage to make yourself LOL a lot, and you’re pretty proud of that. In fact, you consider your ability to entertain yourself a badge of honor—an important survival tool you’ll be able to lean on well into the future, when you’re old and wrinkly and no one checks you out anymore.

6. Speaking of the future, aging doesn’t scare you all that much because you know you’ll always have yourself to hang out with, all the way up until the very end.

7. You realize there will be disappointments along the way, but that’s just life.

8. Breakups suck, of course, but you know in your heart that you’ll always find a way to be okay. You don’t need anyone else to validate your awesomeness day to day.

9. You understand that tough experiences really do make you stronger.

10. You’re not afraid to cry because your emotions—even the ones that are difficult to stomach—make you feel alive.

11. You don’t believe in regret, choosing to view every single mishap as a chance to learn instead.

12. It takes a lot of effort sometimes, but you’re wholeheartedly committed to recognizing the silver lining in the darkest situations so you can keep going, and growing.

13. You’re not counting on a relationship to make you entirely happy because the kind of fulfillment you’re after in life requires so much more than the right guy or girl.

14. You don’t expect love to fix your life. You’ll do that for yourself, again and again.

15. You’re into romance, but you don’t feel the need to romanticize relationships. You’re not a sucker for happily ever afters or overrated fantasy moments.

16. You’ve never ever been the type to choose a guy over the girls. Even if your fiercest crush asked you out, you’d politely decline if you already had plans with your best gal pals.

17. You have countless meaningful friendships that date all the way back to the playpen or sandbox because you really are that crazy loyal.

18. You’re also open-minded, though not easily swayed because you’re perfectly comfy as an outlier. Your opinions are your own and when others offer different ones, you’re okay with that.

19. It’s not that you’re too rigid to evolve—but that you’re someone who thinks things through, and who knows what she wants in life. Truth is, you love yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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