17 Men Explain Exactly What Being A ‘Good Boyfriend’ Means To Them

Twenty20, rodrigodaibert
Twenty20, rodrigodaibert

1. “From my experience, the best boyfriends are great friends. Relationships are really an extension of friendship—so treat your girlfriend with the same respect you show your best friend, times ten.” — Max, 25

2. “I try to see things through my girlfriend’s eyes. Sometimes it’s hard. I don’t always get her, truthfully. But the process of trying to see her perspective is critical, I think.” — Nicholas, 24

3. Real men cry, okay? You have to be in touch with your emotions if you want to be a loving partner. You can’t bury your feelings and expect them to disappear magically. Tune into yourself and communicate your feelings to your significant other, and always stay open to her thoughts and feelings.” — Ty, 34

4. “I would say the number one thing is maturity. If you’re not in a place in life when you can really commit, do yourself and your hypothetical girlfriend a favor and do NOT enter into a relationship. Too many guys try to force it and they end up treating their girlfriends terribly. Wait until you’re ready, guys! Once you grow up and really know who you are, you’ll be in a much better position to support your significant other.” — Deryl, 33

5. “It sounds corny, but if you follow your heart, you’ll be a good boyfriend. I really believe every guy has it in them—even the fuckboys out there—to be decent to a woman if they have faith in themselves and the power of love.” — Kent, 31

6. “You have to show up every day and keep trying. Every morning you wake up, you have to pledge to yourself to be the best person you can be, and the best partner. It’s an ongoing challenge to be a ‘good boyfriend,’ but nothing worthwhile in life is easy.” — Fred, 28

7. “Two thoughts come to mind: compliment her, because she deserves to feel good about herself, and ask thoughtful questions.” — Radcliffe, 29

8. “You have to develop a sixth sense that tells you when something’s wrong. If you can anticipate that moment when a hug or a kiss will make all the difference in your girlfriend’s life, you’ll be a solid boyfriend to her.” — Luke, 27

9. “Treat her whenever you can. It could be as simple as bringing her a cup of tea while she’s reading in bed, or shooting her a text that you’re thinking about her midday. Show her you care as often as possible. It’s the little gestures that count.” — Sam, 28

10. “Learned this from my dad: Always listen. Even when you’re absolutely certain that you’re right, you have to listen to her and make her feel heard. Guess what happens when you do that? You realize that you’re not always right.” — Robert, 30

11. “I worship women. I honestly think they’re the stronger sex, and my admiration for my girlfriend keeps me humble and enables me to love her fully.” — Juan, 31

12. “You have to recognize that you’re a flawed individual if you want to be a good partner to someone. Sure, your significant other is flawed too, but don’t forget your own faults—ever.” — C.J., 32

13. “Recognize that you will always have A LOT to learn in life. If you keep yourself open to opportunities to learn, especially from your significant other, you’ll be a better man and a better boyfriend.” — Finn, 33

14. “Honesty is the key. Serious relationships have to be built on trust. The second you let that slip, you risk everything.” — Chris, 27

15. “What makes a good boyfriend is attentiveness—not just to your partner’s needs but to your own needs too. You have to look out for yourself and make sure you’re happy and healthy because you’ll be a better boyfriend if you are.” — Quincy, 28

16. “I think you have to be fearless to be a quality boyfriend. You can’t let commitment or the reality of day-to-day life or the fact that she’s making future plans scare you. Embrace your togetherness and face everything head on as a couple.” — Paul, 29

17. “The ability to move forward is crucial to any relationship. If you can learn to let things slide and practice forgiveness, you’ll be okay. The road isn’t always smooth, you know, but there’s always a way forward if you’re determined to find it.” — Jeremy, 30 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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